BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants Awards 2020-21

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Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The awards listed are those for the 2020-21 round of Small Research Grants.

Adams, Dr Maria SRG2021\211315

Lecturer in Criminology, University of Surrey

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Food, families and visiting rooms in a women’s prison

Grant awarded: £8952

Aitchison, Dr Guy SRG2021\211008

Lecturer in Politics and International Studies, Loughborough University

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Starving for dignity: Reframing the ethics of hunger strikes

Grant awarded: £10000


Senior Lecturer, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, LIVERPOOL JOHN MOORES UNIVERSITY

Management and Business Studies

DUTOSA: building a Data-driven cUlture in The bloOd Supply chain in nigeriA

Grant awarded: £9840

Alempaki, Dr Despoina SRG2021\210899

Assistant Professor, University of Warwick

Economics and Economic History

Demand for liars in the labour market

Grant awarded: £9100

Austermuehl, Professor Frank SRG2021\211403

Professor of Translation Studies, Aston University

Modern Languages, Literatures and Other Media from 1830

Public Health in East Birmingham's Minoritised Communities: Removing Language Barriers to Accessing Public Health Information

Grant awarded: £9584

Battiston, Dr Diego SRG2021\211409

Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Economics and Economic History

Learning in Good Firms

Grant awarded: £9635.84

Behrman, Dr Simon SRG2021\210946

Lecturer in Law, Royal Holloway, University of London


Assessing Rights to Bangladeshi Citizenship of Stateless Rohingya Children

Grant awarded: £9752

Belfiore, Professor Eleonora SRG2021\211038

Professor in Communication and Media Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture, Loughborough University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Who cares? A feminist approach to the moral economy of publicly funded socially engaged arts commissions.

Grant awarded: £9907.72

Bewley, Dr Robert SRG2021\210632

Director of CPF Training project, Independent Scholar


Aerial Archaeology in the Middle East

Grant awarded: £9268

Bhattarai, Dr Charan SRG2021\210792

Lecturer, Essex Business School, University of Essex, University of Essex

Management and Business Studies

Mixed embeddedness and market choice, growth, and financial performance of migrant enterprises in the UK

Grant awarded: £9892.8

Bivar, Dr Venus SRG2021\211164

Lecturer, University of York

Modern History from 1850

Unsafe Harbour: A Political Ecology of Migration in Modern Marseille

Grant awarded: £10000

Blagburn, Dr Natalia SRG2021\210540

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Northumbria University

Management and Business Studies

Venture Capital Backed Company Board Characteristics and Effectiveness

Grant awarded: £9986.99

Blanc, Dr Jacob SRG2021\210023

Lecturer in Latin American history, University of Edinburgh

Modern History from 1850

The Bureaucracy of Memory: Oral History and Human Rights in Brazil

Grant awarded: £7975

Blanco, Dr Maria del Pilar SRG2021\210747

Associate Professor in Spanish American Literature, University of Oxford

Modern Languages, Literatures and Other Media from 1830

The Weak Child: Twentieth-Century Illness and the Politics of Developmentalism

Grant awarded: £8427

Blumenau, Dr Jack SRG2021\210655

Lecturer in Political Science and Quantitative Research Methods, University College London

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Reasoning about Politics: The Role Justifications Play in Voters’ Political Attitudes

Grant awarded: £9840

Bottomley, Dr Sean SRG2021\210419

Senior Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, Northumbria University

Early Modern History to 1850

Steam-power and the British industrial revolution, 1800-1870. The case of Suffolk

Grant awarded: £5220

Brekelmans, Dr Gwen SRG2021\210374

Post doc, University College London


Talker variability in phonetic training: a replication study

Grant awarded: £10000

Brennan, Dr Ciara SRG2021\210618

Lecturer in Law, Newcastle University


Environmental and planning judicial reviews in Northern Ireland: Blunt instrument or wrong toolbox?

Grant awarded: £8110

Brewer, Professor Charlotte SRG2021\210335

Professor of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford, University of Oxford

Modern Languages, Literatures and Other Media from 1830

Mapping the Bodleian Library's Murray Papers: pilot project for editing the correspondence of J. A. H. Murray (1837–1915), chief editor of the OED

Grant awarded: £9761

Bronson, Dr Adam SRG2021\211175

Assistant Professor of Modern Japanese History, Durham University

Modern History from 1850

Transwar Japanese Political Culture and the Measurement of Public Opinion

Grant awarded: £2283

Brophy, Dr Kenneth SRG2021\210957

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Glasgow


Death B.C.: Investigating Barrow Columbaria and Associated Funerary Rites

Grant awarded: £9079.66

Buckley, Dr Matthew SRG2021\211115

Lecturer in Psychology, University of Leicester


Psychological processes and spatial representations modulating habitual and goal-directed navigation

Grant awarded: £9977.74

Burghes, Professor David SRG2021\211378

Professor of Education, University of Plymouth


Review of UK GCSE examinations as educational and vocational provision for students aged 15/16, and comparing with countries with good reputations for educational provision.

Grant awarded: £10000

Cai, Dr Minjie SRG2021\210686

Lecturer in Human Resources & Organisational Behaviour, University of Greenwich

Management and Business Studies

Work and crisis management on supermarket frontline in the COVID-19 pandemic

Grant awarded: £9041.6

Caporale, Professor Guglielmo Maria SRG2021\210376

Professor of Economics and Finance, Brunel University London

Economics and Economic History

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on trade flows and patterns: evidence from Europe

Grant awarded: £9985.86

Carmichael, Professor Cathie SRG2021\211083

Professor of European History, University of East Anglia

Modern History from 1850

Reluctant Soldiers: the Krivošije Rebellions of 1869-70 and 1881-2.

Grant awarded: £3300

Carozzi, Dr Felipe SRG2021\210936

Assistant Professor in Urban Economics and Economic Geography, London School of Economics

Economics and Economic History

Scars of War: the Economic Consequences of WWI Casualties in England

Grant awarded: £9569

Cartwright, Professor Nancy SRG2021\210906

Professor, Durham University


Objectivity between social science and social practice: Ruth First in Durham

Grant awarded: £9195.32

CASTON, Professor EMILY SRG2021\211360

Professor of Screen Industries and Director of Policy & Practice Research Institute of Screen and Music, The University of West London

Culture, Media and Performance

An Archeology of Screen Advertising Production in Britain

Grant awarded: £8456.8

Chernobrov, Dr Dmitry SRG2021\210996

Lecturer in media and international politics, University of Sheffield

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Strategic use of humour in public diplomacy: A comparative study of audience reception

Grant awarded: £9890

Clay, Dr Zanna SRG2021\211185

Associate Professor, Durham University

Anthropology and Geography

Investigating the drivers of tool use in our closest living great ape relatives

Grant awarded: £9990

Coleman, Dr Rebecca SRG2021\211073

Reader, Goldsmiths, University of London

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Feeling, making and imagining time: Everyday temporal experiences in the Covid-19 pandemic

Grant awarded: £9996.52

corna, luisa SRG2021\211387

Independent Scholar, none

History of Art and Music


Grant awarded: £5100

Davies, Dr Kari SRG2021\210445

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Birmingham


A cross-cultural comparison of distinctive behaviours exhibited in rape offences, and their potential use in behaviourally linking these crimes

Grant awarded: £7761.71

Davies, Dr Joanne SRG2021\210982

Programme Director, International Development; Lecturer in International Development, University of Reading

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Moving from knowledge hierarchies towards a Knowledge Exchange Partnership in development and Development Studies

Grant awarded: £4923.76

Declercq, Dr Dieter SRG2021\210296

Lecturer in Film and Media Studies, University of Kent

Culture, Media and Performance

Stand-up as recovery: Comedy workshops for eating disorders.

Grant awarded: £9731.52

Demetriou, Olga SRG2021\211341

Associate Professor in Postconflict Reconstruction and State-Building, Durham University

Anthropology and Geography

Pro- and Anti- Migrant Activism in Mediterranean Refugee Reception Sites: Developing Analytic Tools in Ethnography and Comparative Politics

Grant awarded: £8887

Denning, Dr Stephanie SRG2021\210245

Assistant Professor, Coventry University

Anthropology and Geography

Hidden hardship: everyday experiences, copying strategies, and barriers to wellbeing in rural Britain

Grant awarded: £9366.75

Dewick, Professor Paul SRG2021\211160

Professor of Sustainability and Innovation, Keele University

Management and Business Studies

Understanding processes of formalisation and circularity in the Amazon rainforest

Grant awarded: £9940

Di Maddaloni, Dr Francesco SRG2021\210405

Senior Lecturer, Kingston Business School

Management and Business Studies

Improving the dialogue and knowledge transfer between local authorities and firms in sustainable megaprojects

Grant awarded: £8278

Dickins, Professor James SRG2021\210436

Prof. of Arabic, University of Leeds

Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Sudan revolution archive: songs, chants and poems of the 2019 Sudanese revolution

Grant awarded: £10000

Dixon, Professor John SRG2021\210141

Professor of Psychology, Open University


Understanding participation in ‘non-normative’ collective action: A case study of the destruction of a public statue associated with historical racism

Grant awarded: £9964.76

Duncan, Daniel SRG2021\210047

Lecturer in Sociolinguistics, Newcastle University

Linguistics and Philology

This Construction Deserves (to be) Studied Further: Innovation and Variation of the Alternative Embedded Passive

Grant awarded: £9998.27

Earlie, Dr Paul SRG2021\211010

Lecturer in French (Media and Communication), University of Bristol

Modern Languages, Literatures and Other Media from 1830

Intellectuals and the Popular Media in France

Grant awarded: £9332

Edmonds, Dr Fiona SRG2021\210552

Reader in History; Director of the Regional Heritage Centre, Lancaster University

Early Modern History to 1850

Envisaging Landscapes and Naming Places: the Lake District before the Map

Grant awarded: £9993.58

Eliwa, Dr Yasser SRG2021\211357

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Loughborough University

Management and Business Studies

The market for non-executives: The impact of accounting scandals on audit committee members’ future careers

Grant awarded: £9573.74

Esposito, Dr Francesca SRG2021\210644

British Academy Newton International Fellow, As a NIF I am registered a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford


The Gender of Margins: Shedding Light on Detained Women’s Experiences

Grant awarded: £9995

Evans, Dr Mel SRG2021\210819

Lecturer in English Language & Linguistics, University of Leicester

Linguistics and Philology

In Our Name: pragmatics, materiality and ideologies of power and nation in the correspondence of James V and Henry VIII, 1513-1542.

Grant awarded: £6480

Ferguson, Dr Benjamin SRG2021\210355

Associate Professor, University of Warwick


Exploitation and Procedural Justice: An Experimental Assessment

Grant awarded: £10000

Fernandez de Arroyabe, Dr Marta SRG2021\211207

Lecturer, University of Essex

Management and Business Studies

The implementation of circular economy models in UK small and medium enterprises: a pilot study of East England & London

Grant awarded: £9883.2

Ffrench, Professor Patrick SRG2021\210172

Professor of French, King's College London

Modern Languages, Literatures and Other Media from 1830

The Pragmatic Genealogy of Concepts: The Case of Foucault, Deleuze-Guattari and Collective Equipment

Grant awarded: £8116.78

Foxley, Dr Rachel SRG2021\210882

Associate Professor in Early Modern History, University of Reading

Early Modern History to 1850

Political Polarisation in the English Civil War: A Digital Humanities Analysis

Grant awarded: £8589.3

Freestone, Professor Ian SRG2021\211049

Professor of Archaeological Materials and Technology, UCL


An International Glass Trade: Establishing the Origins of the Coloured Glass in the Early Stained Glass Windows of Canterbury Cathedral

Grant awarded: £7830

Fuggle, Dr Sophie SRG2021\210547

Associate Professor of Postcolonial Studies and Cultural Heritage, Nottingham Trent University

Anthropology and Geography

The legacy of the Plan Vert in French Guiana: Between agricultural policy and ecological imaginary

Grant awarded: £9680

Gatt, Dr Michael SRG2021\211026

Senior Lecturer in Music, Kingston University

History of Art and Music

Loudspeaker orchestras and the Western European tradition of sound diffusion

Grant awarded: £5130

Gelléri, Dr Gabor SRG2021\210566

Lecturer in French, Aberystwyth University

Modern Languages, Literatures and Other Media from 1830

Local reactions to colonial travel: the 1924 French female student mission in Indochona

Grant awarded: £4260

Gerard, Dr Francois SRG2021\211037

Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

Economics and Economic History

Minimum wages as anti-discrimination policy: Evidence from Brazil

Grant awarded: £9973.68

Gervais, Will SRG2021\210582

Senior Lecturer, Brunel University london


Experimental Proof-Of-Concept Tests for the Religious Prosociality Hypothesis

Grant awarded: £9900

Girardone, Professor Claudia SRG2021\211384

Professor of Banking and Finance, University of Essex

Management and Business Studies

Socially responsible banking: Weathering the COVID-19 storm

Grant awarded: £9964

Goodwin, Professor John SRG2021\210767

Professor of Sociology and Sociological Practice, Univeristy of Leicester

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Revisiting Radby: Re-entering the Field from The Social Background of Delinquency (1954)

Grant awarded: £8311.3

Graham, Professor Elaine SRG2021\210209

Grosvenor Research Professor of Practical Theology, University of Chester

Theology and Religious Studies

Progressive Christianities: Don Cupitt, the Sea of Faith Network and the Future of Radical Theology 1963-2024

Grant awarded: £9732

Grayson, Professor Richard SRG2021\210040

Professor of 20th Century History, Goldsmiths, University of London

Modern History from 1850

County Cork and the Irish Revolution, 1912-23

Grant awarded: £8188

Guiry, Dr Eric SRG2021\210629

Lecturer in Biomolecular Archaeology, University of Leicester


Quantifying the importance of coastal environments in colonial North America

Grant awarded: £10000

GUO, Dr Shu SRG2021\210067

Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management, University of Liverpool

Management and Business Studies

Food Leftover Management: the Impacts of Sharing Economy and the Pandemics

Grant awarded: £9754.4

Gurbuz, Dr Emine SRG2021\210309

Lecturer in Psychology, University of Portsmouth


Supporting autistic students through university using a collaborative participatory research approach

Grant awarded: £8853.3

Hannon, Dr Michael SRG2021\210570

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Nottingham


Expressivism, Politics, and Social Media

Grant awarded: £3950

Harrison, Dr Neil SRG2021\210232

Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Rees Centre, University of Oxford


Care-experienced academics working in higher education

Grant awarded: £9935

Harvey, Dr Laura SRG2021\210722

Lecturer in Economics and Widening Participation Academic Officer, University of East Anglia

Economics and Economic History

Widening Access and Student Success in England: Understanding the effectiveness of Access Agreements

Grant awarded: £9061

Heggie, Dr Joan SRG2021\210721

Research Fellow in History, Teesside University

Modern History from 1850

Women as capital lenders in nineteenth-century Yorkshire: Evidence from the Registers of Deeds

Grant awarded: £9948.5

Heimeriks, Koen SRG2021\211033

Professor of Strategy & International Business, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Management and Business Studies

Transforming in Turbulent Times: Acquisition process, Capability and Performance of Private Equity Firms

Grant awarded: £9750

Henry, Dr Leroi SRG2021\211183

Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

The Boy in the Man’s Mask – the duty of care on Football Academies

Grant awarded: £9990

Hicks, Professor Jeremy SRG2021\210781

Professor of Russian Culture and Film, Queen Mary University of London

Culture, Media and Performance

Humanitarian Film and Communist Agitation: Russian and International Films of The Volga Famine 1921-23

Grant awarded: £10000

Hicks, Dr Alison SRG2021\211338

Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University College, London (UCL)

Culture, Media and Performance

Risk and resilience in radically redefined information environments; Information practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

Grant awarded: £7169.47

Ho, Dr Nerissa SRG2021\210968

Full Time, Permanent Position as Lecturer, University of Plymouth


The wandertron: an intelligent protocol for deriving representative aspects of thought for characterizing ongoing experiences under different task contexts

Grant awarded: £10000

Hodos, Dr Tamar SRG2021\210404

Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Bristol


Diachronic Dor: understanding the ancient city for the modern day

Grant awarded: £9690

Holton, Dr Mark SRG2021\210598

Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Plymouth

Anthropology and Geography

Curated communities: exploring co-living, community and identity among young mobile populations

Grant awarded: £9780

Hopkin, Professor Jonathan SRG2021\211266

Professor of Comparative Politics, London School of Economics and Political Science

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Who Donates to Political Parties?: An Analysis of Electoral Commission Data on Company and Individual Donations in the UK 2001-2020

Grant awarded: £9941

Hopkins-Doyle, Dr Aífe SRG2021\210157

Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Surrey


Investigating the role of essentialism in children’s acceptance of, and attitudes toward, social exclusion.

Grant awarded: £9931

Horeck, Dr Tanya SRG2021\211028

Associate Professor in Film & Media Studies, Anglia Ruskin University

Culture, Media and Performance

The Role of the Intimacy Coordinator: New Depictions of Sex and Consent in UK Television Culture

Grant awarded: £7467.08

Huber, Guy SRG2021\210867

Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies, Oxford Brookes University

Management and Business Studies

Identity Work, Ethics and AI at Work

Grant awarded: £9662

Hughes, Dr Sarah SRG2021\210498

Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow, Northumbria University

Anthropology and Geography

Bridging The Gap: The Lived Experiences Of Refugees Granted Leave To Remain

Grant awarded: £9388.5

Iannino, Dr Maria Chiara SRG2021\211326

Lecturer in Finance, University of st Andrews

Management and Business Studies

Ownership and resiliency in European Banks

Grant awarded: £9958.16

Ibrahim Shire, Dr Mohammed SRG2021\210221

Lecturer in Security RIsk Management and Course Leader of BSc Risk and Security Management, Univrsity of Portsmouth

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Securing local aid workers: Use of informal strategies to augment formal policy

Grant awarded: £6242.5

Iwilade, Dr Akin SRG2021\210771

Lecturer in African Studies, University of Edinburgh

Anthropology and Geography

Morbid Significations: violent gangs, masculinities and death practices in Southern Nigeria

Grant awarded: £9930

James, Dr Gwyneth SRG2021\211142

Senior lecturer, University of Hertfordshire


The power of stories: building resilience in refugees living in the UK

Grant awarded: £7500

Jenichen, Dr Anne SRG2021\210997

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Aston University

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

The international campaign to free Asia Bibi: A pilot study on intersections of gender and religion in foreign policy

Grant awarded: £8136

Jones, Dr Andrew SRG2021\210413

Independent Scholar, None


Deposition and decoration: analysing the burials and rock art from Tregiffian entrance grave in west Penwith, Cornwall

Grant awarded: £9470

Jones, Dr Allison SRG2021\211267

Assistant Professor of Politics, Coventry University

Modern History from 1850

Becoming the Terror: Foucault on Violent Politics

Grant awarded: £9922.85

Kanyeredzi, Dr Ava SRG2021\210837

Senior Lecturer/ Course Leader BSc Clinical and Community Psychology, University of East London

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Spirit and Solace: Black Churches and Domestic Abuse

Grant awarded: £9917.21

Kessler, Dr Ed SRG2021\211377

Founder Director, The Woolf Institute

Theology and Religious Studies

A Documentary History of Jewish–Christian Relations: from New Testament times to the present day

Grant awarded: £7800

Kita, Dr Sotaro SRG2021\210969

Professor of Psychology of Language, University of Warwick


Impact of gesture on speech in advertisement

Grant awarded: £9991.88

Kleinhempel, Dr Johannes SRG2021\210680

Presidential Academic Fellow, The University of Manchester

Management and Business Studies

Immigrant entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom: Antecedents and consequences of firm creation and growth

Grant awarded: £9000

Lagalisse, Dr Erica SRG2021\210830

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

"Solidarity and Care During the Covid-19 Pandemic": A Transnational Collaboration in Public Sociology

Grant awarded: £9219

Law, Dr Jeremy SRG2021\210428

Lecturer of Education, University of Glasgow


Spelling out effective instruction: An assessment informed intervention study

Grant awarded: £9999.5

Lee, Dr Hsiao-wen SRG2021\210772

Independent Scholar, none

Culture, Media and Performance

Fighting the disinformation pandemic (Infodemic): Platform Governance in the UK and Taiwan amid COVID-19

Grant awarded: £4932.55

Lewis, Dr Helen SRG2021\211214

Senior Lecturer, Swansea University School of Education, Swansea University


An exploration of best practices in animal-assisted educational interventions which involve dogs.

Grant awarded: £9983

Lisi, Matteo SRG2021\211285

Lecturer, University of Essex


A signal-detection theory analysis of public beliefs around COVID-19

Grant awarded: £9960

Lomax, Professor Helen SRG2021\211308

Professor of Childhood Studies, University of Huddersfield


Back Chat: Developing arts-based methods of knowledge generation and exchange with children living in disadvantaged localities during times of global crisis.

Grant awarded: £10000

Mann, Dr Wolfgang SRG2021\210048

Reader in Special and Inclusive Education, Roehampton University

Classical Antiquity

Does Social Distancing Exclude People with Disabilities? – A Case Study of Persons with Sensory Needs

Grant awarded: £9729

Marsili, Professor Orietta SRG2021\211411

Professor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Bath

Management and Business Studies

Business divestiture, diversification and resource redeployment

Grant awarded: £9720

Maschek, Dr Dominik SRG2021\211158

Associate Professor of Roman Archaeology and Art, University of Oxford

Modern History from 1850

‘A Landscape of Conflict: Battlefield Archaeology in the Territory of Ancient Fregellae / Modern Arce and Ceprano (FR, Lazio, Italy)’ – Geophysical Survey and Excavation

Grant awarded: £9993

Mazur, Dr Karol SRG2021\210492

Junior Research Fellow in Economics, Trinity College, University of Oxford

Economics and Economic History

Economic Impact of Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries

Grant awarded: £9300

McGowan, Dr Victoria SRG2021\211261

Lecturer in Psychology, University of Leicester


Reading words of out order: Investigating flexible word order processing during reading

Grant awarded: £9984

Millar, Dr John SRG2021\210733

Assistant Professor (Accounting Department), Durham University

Management and Business Studies

The identity work of ESG specialists: a Bourdieusian study

Grant awarded: £8050

Millett, Professor Martin John SRG2021\210928

Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Cambridge


Pennine Lead Exploitation in the Roman–early Medieval Periods

Grant awarded: £7375.5

Mion, Professor Giordano SRG2021\210848

Professor, University of Sussex

Economics and Economic History

Trade, Skills, Productivity and Quality

Grant awarded: £4400

Mooney, Dr Damien SRG2021\210244

Senior Lecturer in French Linguistics and Language Change, University of Bristol

Linguistics and Philology

The participation of sexual minorities in an ongoing sound change: A case study of Paris, France.

Grant awarded: £8829

Moss, Dr Oliver SRG2021\211196

Research Fellow, Teesside University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

‘Small is beautiful’ or ‘bigger is better’? Understanding the nature and role of small grant funding in knowledge production

Grant awarded: £9616

Muellerleile, Dr Chris SRG2021\210813

Lecturer, Swansea University

Anthropology and Geography

Regulating Cryptocurrencies and their Derivatives in the age of FinTech

Grant awarded: £8814.6

Nachmias, Dr Stefanos SRG2021\210497

Principal Lecturer HRM/OB, Nottingham Trent University

Management and Business Studies

Developing workplace support for childhood trauma survivors: Knowledge to practice

Grant awarded: £9714.61

O'Brien, Dr Patrick SRG2021\210049

Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford Brookes University


The Judicial Afterlife: What do judges do after they leave the bench? (1950-2020)

Grant awarded: £9769.98

O'Gorman, Dr Daniel SRG2021\210123

Vice Chancellor Research Fellow in English Literature, Oxford Brookes University

Modern Languages, Literatures and Other Media from 1830

Beyond Concrete: Everyday Space in Gaza

Grant awarded: £9871

Ogunyemi, Dr Ola SRG2021\210560

Associate Professor in Journalism, University of Lincoln

Culture, Media and Performance

Creating a safe space for journalists to speak about trauma: Examining the roles of journalism educators.

Grant awarded: £4555.6

Page, Dr Abigail SRG2021\210128

Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Anthropology and Geography

Gaining a real-time understanding of breastfeeding experience using an innovative mobile app

Grant awarded: £9988.3

Park, Dr Ju Yeon SRG2021\211206

Lecturer, University of Essex

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Measuring the Changing Role of Legislative Committees

Grant awarded: £9939.27

Parkes, Dr Henry SRG2021\210092

Associate Professor of Music, University of Nottingham

History of Art and Music

Wordless Singing in the Medieval Church: A Catalogue of Responsory Neumata

Grant awarded: £8761.26

Paukner, Dr Annika SRG2021\210003

Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University


Predictors and Consequences of Differential Temperament in Infant Rhesus Macaques

Grant awarded: £9960.48

Pehrson, Dr Samuel SRG2021\211223

Lecturer, University of St Andrews


Crowds and power: Dynamics of resistance and empowerment in the 2008 protests in Tibet

Grant awarded: £9970

Peplow, Dr David SRG2021\210438

Senior Lecturer in English Language, Sheffield Hallam University

Linguistics and Philology

A comparative study of the language used in remote and in-person parole hearings

Grant awarded: £6292

Perchard, Professor Andrew SRG2021\210391

Professor of Industry & Society, Northumbria University

Modern History from 1850

Business-Government Relations and the Rise of a Family Business Dynasty: The Reynolds Metals Company

Grant awarded: £8898.1

Piehlmaier, Dr Dominik SRG2021\211013

Lecturer, University of Sussex Business School

Management and Business Studies

An Experimental Evaluation of the Role of Overconfidence on Personal Attitude toward COVID-19 and Risk Mitigating Factors

Grant awarded: £9940

Pilcher, Dr Jane SRG2021\210816

Associate Professor of Sociology, Nottingham Trent University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Say My Name: Experiences and Impacts of Pronunciation of Names in Higher Education in Contexts of Culturally Diverse Student Identities

Grant awarded: £9792.17

Pitt, Dr Hannah SRG2021\210156

Research Fellow, Cardiff University

Anthropology and Geography

Findings pathways towards transformation of traditional farming in marginal areas

Grant awarded: £9920

Pohl, Professor Nicole SRG2021\210423

Professor in English, Oxford Brookes University

Early Modern Languages and Literatures to 1830

Cosmopolitan Bluestockings: Elizabeth Montagu and Belle van Zuylen/ Isabelle de Charrière

Grant awarded: £6262.47

Rabone, Dr Rich SRG2021\211346

Assistant Professor in Hispanic Studies, University of Warwick

Early Modern Languages and Literatures to 1830

The Academic Muse: Collaboration, Obscurity, and the Poetics of Cultural Insurgency in Early Modern Seville

Grant awarded: £5440

Reynolds, Dr Nicholas SRG2021\210845

Lecturer, University of Essex

Economics and Economic History

Why did health and human capital decline for Americans born after 1947, and was there a similar decline in the United Kingdom and Canada?

Grant awarded: £9928.2

Robbins, Derek SRG2021\210700

Emeritus professor, None

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Tomoo Otaka: Grundlegung der Lehre vom Sozialen Verband [Foundation of a Theory of Social Association], Vienna, Springer Verlag, 1932. A translation into English and critical introduction.

Grant awarded: £5809.6

Robinson, Dr Peter SRG2021\211287

Head of The Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Management, Leeds Beckett

Management and Business Studies

Remembering the Cold War: Nostalgia and Experiences of Cold War Tourism

Grant awarded: £9979.1

Robinson, Thomas SRG2021\211232

Assistant Professor in Quantitative Comparative Politics, University of Durham

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

SYGNET: Synthetic data in the social sciences using generative adversarial networks

Grant awarded: £9915.44

Rosser-Owen, Dr M SRG2021\211141

Curator Middle East, Victoria and Albert Museum

History of Art and Music

Crafting Medieval Spain: the Torrijos ceilings in the Global Museum

Grant awarded: £9878

Sandford, Dr Rachel SRG2021\211401

Senior Lecturer in Young People and Sport, Loughborough University


Examining sport clubs as 'missing spaces' for care-experienced young people in England

Grant awarded: £9941

Seal, Dr Lizzie SRG2021\210821

Reader in Criminology, University of Sussex

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Race, Crime and Justice in Britain, 1870-1955

Grant awarded: £9558

Setty, Dr Emily SRG2021\210912

Lecturer in Criminology, University of Surrey

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Young Love in Lockdown

Grant awarded: £9525

Shadlen, Professor Kenneth SRG2021\210592

Professor of Development Studies, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


TRIPS Compliance and Secondary Pharmaceutical Patents: The Case of Argentina

Grant awarded: £10000

Sheehan, Professor Michelle SRG2021\210602

Professor of Linguistics, Anglia Ruskin University

Linguistics and Philology

Argument expression in UK Heritage Portuguese

Grant awarded: £9972

Shi, Dr Penghui SRG2021\210737

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford


The Digital Teacher - Understanding the Agenda of Edtech Businesses

Grant awarded: £9960

Sio, Dr Ut Na SRG2021\210385

Lecturer, University of Sheffield


Enhancing creative problem solving through task-switching

Grant awarded: £8633

Skinner, Dr Tudor SRG2021\210986

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Durham University


Yeavering and its Environs Geophysical Survey

Grant awarded: £9248.81

Slater, Dr Jen SRG2021\211031

Reader, Sheffield Hallam University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Institutional rainbowification before, during (and after?) COVID-19: a case study of HE

Grant awarded: £9983

Smith, Dr Jessica SRG2021\210828

Lecturer, University of Southampton

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Can MPs ‘have it all’? Voter perceptions of parliamentary parents and proxy voting

Grant awarded: £4170

Spencer, Dr Rachael SRG2021\210323

Principal Lecturer and interim Head of Research, Sheffield Hallam University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Breastfeeding experiences of women with perinatal mental health problems: a systematic review and thematic synthesis

Grant awarded: £10000

Stenner, Dr Rachel SRG2021\210940

Lecturer in English Literature 1350-1660, University of Sussex

Early Modern Languages and Literatures to 1830

The Works of William Baldwin: A Critical Edition

Grant awarded: £9986

Sudo, Dr Yasutada SRG2021\210908

Associate Professor, University College London

Linguistics and Philology

Reconstruction and scope in indexical shift in Uyghur

Grant awarded: £6078.22

Tecwyn, Dr Emma SRG2021\210008

Lecturer in Psychology, Birmingham City University


The development of mental simulation as a strategy for solving problems with multiple alternatives

Grant awarded: £9822.4

Thompson, Dr Hannah SRG2021\210563

Lecturer, University of Surrey


Creativity in Stroke Aphasia

Grant awarded: £9558

Tian, Yuan SRG2021\210559

Assistant professor, University of Nottingham

Economics and Economic History

Migration Restrictions and Economic Misallocation

Grant awarded: £9276

Tonge, Jonathan SRG2021\210212

Professor of Politics, University of Liverpool

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Beyond Unionism and Nationalism: A Membership Study of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

Grant awarded: £6521.15

Toth, Dr Zsofia SRG2021\211425

Assistant Professor in Marketing, University of Nottingham

Management and Business Studies

Signs of the Times: Examining the intended and unintended consequences of shop closure communications during the pandemic in 2020 - a semiotic anthropological and customer perspective

Grant awarded: £7751

Tripodi, Dr Egon SRG2021\210097

Lecturer, University of Essex

Economics and Economic History

Depression Stigma and Labor Supply

Grant awarded: £10000

Trueblood, Dr Leah SRG2021\210262

Career Development Fellow in Law (until 1 September 2024), University of Oxford


Following the Science: A Legal and Democratic Challenge

Grant awarded: £10000

Ubl, Dr Linus SRG2021\210862

Departmental Lecturer, University of Oxford

Medieval Studies

MMMMO – Mechthild's Medieval Mystical Manuscripts Online

Grant awarded: £9600

Vai, Dr Emanuela SRG2021\211154

Research Fellow, Worcester College, University of Oxford

History of Art and Music

Music Materialities: Musical Instruments and the Matter of Music.

Grant awarded: £9983

Valletti, Professor Tommaso SRG2021\210675

Professor of Economics, Imperial Colle London

Economics and Economic History

The persistence of political polarization: Evidence from news consumption using eye-tracking data

Grant awarded: £10000

Walden, Daniel SRG2021\210989

Junior Research Fellow in Music, The Queen's College, University of Oxford

History of Art and Music

From the ‘Arabic Piano’ to the Rhythmicon: Building A New Digital Resource ('NIFTY') to Examine the Affordances of Non-Standard Keyboards as ‘Instruments of Theory’

Grant awarded: £3910.6

Wilson, Ms Verity SRG2021\210329

None, None

History of Art and Music

Dressing Up: The Culture of Fancy Dress in Britain, 1837-1953

Grant awarded: £4949

Wiper, Dr Clare SRG2021\210459

Lecturer in Criminology, Northumbria University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

The Role of Coerced Debt in Abusive Relationships in Britain

Grant awarded: £8342

Wood, Dr Alex SRG2021\210344

Lecturer, University of Birmingham

Management and Business Studies

Labour rights and collective politics in the gig economy

Grant awarded: £10000

Wright, Dr Nicola SRG2021\211230

Research Associate, King's College London


Victimization within friendships in early adolescence: a potential risk marker for romantic relationships characterised by inter-partner violence

Grant awarded: £8798.17

Zheng, Yu SRG2021\210485

Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

Economics and Economic History

A Task-Based Approach to the Evaluation of Character Skills in Schools

Grant awarded: £9758.52

ZHOU, Dr YIFAN SRG2021\210543

Lecturer in Finance, University of Leicester

Economics and Economic History

Invisible discriminatory lending? CEO gender and bank loans contain covenants

Grant awarded: £10000

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