BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants Awards 2019-20

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Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2019-20.

2019-20 Round

Abbot-Smith, Dr Kirsten SRG1920\100291

Senior Lecturer, University of Kent


Impact of speech rate and cognitive load on children's conversational ability

Grant awarded: £9954.02

Adesola, Dr Sola SRG1920\100575

Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University

Management and Business Studies

University spinouts: exploring women participation in the Nigerian Universities

Grant awarded: £10000

Alexiadou, Dr Despina SRG1920\101255

Lecturer and Chancellor's Fellow, University of Strathclyde


The role of ministerial policy coordination on energy policy and energy poverty

Grant awarded: £9982.61

Allen, Dr Lori SRG1920\100276

Reader in Anthropology, School of Oriental and African Studies University of London


Nostalgia and Forgetting: A Collaborate Ethnographic History of the Palestinian Intifada

Grant awarded: £8800

Arnold, Dr Laura SRG1920\100342

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Edinburgh


A data collection on three undocumented Austronesian languages of Halmahera

Grant awarded: £4655

Arthur, Professor Raymond SRG1920\100468

Professor of Law / Head of Subject (Law), Northumbria University


Child Friendly Justice in Mental Health Settings

Grant awarded: £9733

Ball, Dr Vicky SRG1920\100819

Senior Lecturer in Cinema and Television History, De Montfort University

Culture, Media and Performance

'Play for Today' at 50: Women writers and writing women into histories of British television drama

Grant awarded: £9997.6

Barlow, Dr Charlotte SRG1920\100307

Lecturer in Criminology, Lancaster University


Domestic Violence Disclosure Schemes (Clare's Law): Victim/ Survivor perspectives

Grant awarded: £9878.55

Beaumont, Dr Thomas SRG1920\100863

Senior Lecturer in European History, Liverpool John Moores University


Rethinking the Communist International: France and the Networks of Global Communism, 1919-1947

Grant awarded: £6582

Beverland, Professor Michael SRG1920\101309

Professor of Marketing, University of Sussex

Management and Business Studies

Measuring the value of design leadership in firms

Grant awarded: £9928

Bliuc, Dr Ana-Maria SRG1920\101349

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Dundee


The role of far-right narratives in mobilising support for political violence

Grant awarded: £10000

Bolin, John SRG1920\100145

Senior Lecturer in English, University of Exeter

English Language and Literature

Cormac McCarthy: Modernism, Genre, and the Medieval

Grant awarded: £3650

Boncori, Ilaria SRG1920\100162

Deputy Dean Education; Senior Lecturer in Management, University of Essex

Management and Business Studies

Understanding the individual and organisational experiences of miscarriage and stillbirth in the workplace

Grant awarded: £9890.4

Bongiorno, Renata SRG1920\100698

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Exeter


Engaging men as allies of the gender equality cause

Grant awarded: £9954

Borges Martins da Silva, Dr Mariana SRG1920\100629

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics, Nuffield College and the Department of Politics and Int. Relations, University of Oxford


Vote Buying, Political Recruitment, and Representation: The effects of vote buying on minority-groups representation

Grant awarded: £9978.25

Boussebaa, Professor Mehdi SRG1920\100605

Professor, University of Glasgow

Management and Business Studies

Global professional service firms from rising powers: a study of Chinese accounting/consulting organizations

Grant awarded: £7425

Bynoe, Dr Rachel SRG1920\101515

Lecturer in maritime archaeology, University of Southampton, University of Southampton


Investigating submerged Pleistocene archaeology off Happisburgh, UK

Grant awarded: £8005

Cameron, Dr Harriet SRG1920\100391

Lecturer in Psychology and Education, The University of Sheffield


Autistic adults' constructions and experiences of autism

Grant awarded: £9618

Cameron, Lindsey SRG1920\101196

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Kent


Identifying promoters and barriers to cross-group friendship in adolescence: confidence in contact, ‘race talk’ and diverse friendships

Grant awarded: £9962.15

Campbell, Dr Chloe SRG1920\101398

Deputy Director, Psychoanalysis Unit, University College London


Acquiring knowledge: Epistemic trust in the age of fake news

Grant awarded: £9865.75

Canning, Dr Vicky SRG1920\100803

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor, University of Bristol


Unsilencing Sexualised Torture: Identifying and Responding to Sexual Torture Amongst Refugee Survivors of Torture

Grant awarded: £9160

Carinci, Dr Eleonora SRG1920\100385

Independent Scholar, none

Modern Languages

"Socrates' Sister": Suor Felice Rasponi from Ravenna and her Writings

Grant awarded: £4362

Carter, Dr Alecia SRG1920\100383

Lecturer in Evolutionary Anthropology, University College London


Digging deeper into gender differences in question-asking at academic seminars: Do men and women ask different kinds of questions, and are they judged differently?

Grant awarded: £9869.22

Charlton, Dr Sophy SRG1920\101229

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Evolutionary Genomics, University of Oxford


Assessing the independence of European Mesolithic dog domestication

Grant awarded: £9987.34

Christie, Dr Fiona SRG1920\100774

Senior Research Associate, Manchester Metropolitan University

Management and Business Studies

Young people and work in an age of uncertainty

Grant awarded: £9892

Clark, Dr Gemma SRG1920\100688

Lecturer in British/Irish History, University of Exeter


Exporting Arson: Incendiarism as Protest in the Global Irish Diaspora

Grant awarded: £8100

Cooley, Dr Laurence SRG1920\101374

Lecturer, University of Birmingham


Queering the census: LGBT advocacy and the inclusion of a sexual orientation question in the 2021 UK census

Grant awarded: £4984

Cooper, Dr Glenda SRG1920\101088

Senior Lecturer in Journalism, City, University of London

Culture, Media and Performance

Alistair Cooke: Britain's Voice of America

Grant awarded: £9588

Crosby, Dr K SRG1920\100020

Senior Lecturer in Law, Newcastle University


The Interwar Jury of England and Wales

Grant awarded: £5576.46

Cummings, Professor Vicki SRG1920\100118

Professor of Neolithic Archaeology, University of Central Lancashire


Excavations at Tresness chambered tomb, Orkney

Grant awarded: £6660

Curley, Dr Lee SRG1920\100508

Lecturer at the Open University, The Open University


Super recognisers: is bias their Kryptonite?

Grant awarded: £8669.9

Cust, Professor Richard SRG1920\100533

Professor of Early Modern History, University of Birmingham


Family chapels in post-reformation England, c.1560-1660

Grant awarded: £7389

Delano-Smith, Dr Catherine SRG1920\101198


The Scientific and Historical Challenges of the Medieval Gough Map of Britain (Oxford, Bodleian, MS Gough Gen. Top.1)

Grant awarded: £9331

Duggan, Dr Michael SRG1920\100813

Teaching Fellow in Digital Media and Culture, King's College London


Locally-global spatial narratives: exploring the potential of locative media as an educational tool for understanding climate change and forced migration

Grant awarded: £9893

Elliott, Professor Marianne SRG1920\101453

Professor Emerita Liverpool University, NONE


The Belfast Housing Corruption Scandal of 1953

Grant awarded: £8681.9


Lecturer in Law, University of Birmingham, University of Birmingham


Mexican Revolutionary Diplomacy: Lessons in Solving Problems in International Law

Grant awarded: £4750

Fasoli, Dr Fabio SRG1920\101510

Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Surrey


Humour as a way to counteract the effects of sexual objectification

Grant awarded: £9896

Ferguson, Dr Trish SRG1920\100989

Associate Professor, Liverpool Hope University

English Language and Literature

His Last Bow (OUP edition)

Grant awarded: £2510

Francis, Dr Kathryn SRG1920\101180

Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bradford, University of Bradford


VIRTUES: VIRTUal Ethics Simulations

Grant awarded: £9881

Frawley, Dr Ashley SRG1920\101300

Senior Lecturer, Swansea University


Mental Health and Therapeutic Entrepreneurialism in UK Higher Education

Grant awarded: £9996.13

French, Professor Charles SRG1920\100050

Professor of Geoarchaeology, University of Cambridge


Palaeo-landscape reconstruction of Neolithic Drenovac and its environs in the middle Morava valley, Serbia

Grant awarded: £10000

Gaggiotti, Dr Hugo SRG1920\100703

Associate Professor, University of the West of England, Bristol

Management and Business Studies

Expatriate communities as bubbles: implications for intercultural learning

Grant awarded: £9980

Gambi, Dr Chiara SRG1920\100600

Lecturer, Cardiff University


The role of incorrect predictions in children’s comprehension of structural alternations

Grant awarded: £9992

Gasston, Dr Aimee SRG1920\101501

Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies (IES), School of Advanced Study (until 1 Oct 2020)

English Language and Literature

Confluence: Mansfield, disease and modernist aesthetics

Grant awarded: £9993.56

Geelan, Dr Torsten SRG1920\101639

Lecturer in Work and Employment, University of Leicester


The New Frontier of Industrial Relations Research: Investigating the Social Media Networks and Digital Geography of Contemporary Industrial Action

Grant awarded: £9733.6

Gerver, Dr Mollie SRG1920\101032

Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Essex


Morally Permissible Means of Immigration Control

Grant awarded: £9900

Gibbings, Dr Julie SRG1920\101447

Lecturer, University of Edinburgh


Geography, Technology, and Political Violence in Cold War Guatemala

Grant awarded: £9890

Gregory-Smith, Ian SRG1920\100607

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Economics, University of Sheffield


Inequality in the top 1%: Disentangling the determinants of compensation in the executive labour market in the UK

Grant awarded: £7159

Griffin, Dr Paul SRG1920\101292

Lecturer in Human Geography, Northumbria University


Co-producing usable pasts: hidden histories of unemployment

Grant awarded: £9316

Guillaume, Dr Cecile SRG1920\100893

Reader in Employment Relations, Roehampton University

Management and Business Studies

Returners’ Programmes: a solution to motherhood penalty and skills shortage ?

Grant awarded: £9600

Hall, Dr Joseph SRG1920\101013

Research Associate, University of Sheffield


Negotiating difference: understanding how sexual and religious British values are being negotiated in providing LGBT-inclusive primary education

Grant awarded: £6160

Hall, Professor Timothy SRG1920\100892

Professor of Interdisciplinary Social Studies, University of Winchester


Technology, development, culture and cybercrime: a case study of cybercrime and illicit internet use in Armenia

Grant awarded: £9991.34

Hamilton, Dr Tom SRG1920\100964

Assistant Professor in Early Modern Social and Cultural History, Durham University


Adjudicating the Troubles: Criminal Justice at the End of the Wars of Religion

Grant awarded: £10000

Hammond, Dr Craig SRG1920\100450

Senior Lecturer in Education, Liverpool John Moores University


A Catechism for Oedipus: A Critical Approach to Pedagogic Practice in Higher Education

Grant awarded: £6244

Hanna, Dr Erika SRG1920\100742

Senior Lecturer in Modern History, University of Bristol


Báisteach: A Brief History of the Rain in Ireland, 1900-2022

Grant awarded: £7110

Harkin, Ben SRG1920\100711

Senior Lecturer in Psychology., Manchester Metropolitan University


How Scientific Theories Disappear Down the ‘YouTube Rabbit Hole.’

Grant awarded: £9978.32

Hepper, Dr Erica SRG1920\100733

Lecturer in Personality & Social Psychology, University of Surrey


Don’t Judge Me, Greta: Narcissism and Environmental Defensiveness

Grant awarded: £9978.2

Hornby, Professor Emma SRG1920\100925

Professor of Music, University of Bristol


Musical rhetoric in early medieval Old Hispanic and Georgian liturgical chant: new directions in computer-aided comparative analysis

Grant awarded: £10000

Humphries, Dr Joyce SRG1920\100492

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Edge Hill University


Own-age bias in younger and older adults: The influence of contact, inter-age attitudes and lineup instructions on eyewitness identification accuracy

Grant awarded: £9881

Iankova, Dr Severina SRG1920\100433

Lecturer in Marketing, University of Liverpool

Management and Business Studies

Cross Departmental Integration of Social Media Within B2B Domain: Interplay Between Marketing and Human Resource Management

Grant awarded: £9750

Isoni, Professor Andrea SRG1920\101497

Professor of Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick


The role of player labels as focal points in tacit bargaining games

Grant awarded: £9900

Jansen, Dr Laura SRG1920\100079

Senior Lecturer in Classics & Comparative Literature, University of Bristol

Classics and Ancient History

Classics between Science and Literature: Italo Calvino

Grant awarded: £7450

Jena, Dr Farai SRG1920\101810

Senior Lecturer in Economics and Director of Teaching and Learning, University of Sussex


Engaging students as co-creators of teaching and learning in a Business School

Grant awarded: £10000

Johnson, Dr Richard SRG1920\101128

Lecturer, University of Strathclyde


Cyber Strategies and Norms Development: Examining the Impact of Domestic Strategy on International Cooperation

Grant awarded: £9891

Johnson, Dr Will SRG1920\100415

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Population Health, Loughborough University


Secular trends and socioeconomic inequalities in childhood body fat trajectories in Guatemala City

Grant awarded: £10000

Jossa, Dr Stefano SRG1920\101316

Reader, Royal Holloway

Modern Languages

Renaissance family networks – The Ridolfi letters at Royal Holloway, 1526-1697

Grant awarded: £9996

Kaul, Dr Nitasha SRG1920\100361

Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster


Narratives of Change in the Borderlands of Northern Bhutan

Grant awarded: £4204

Kilincarslan, Dr Erhan SRG1920\100380

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, University of Huddersfield

Management and Business Studies

The perceptions of corporate managers on dividend policy in the UK: evidence from London Stock Exchange firms

Grant awarded: £9312

King, Professor Desmond Stephen SRG1920\100778

Andrew W. Mellon Professor of American Government / Professorial Fellow, University of Oxford & Nuffield College


How political elites frame the politics of migration.

Grant awarded: £9985.67

Koehler, Karin SRG1920\100326

Lecturer in 19th Century British Literature, Bangor University

English Language and Literature

Nineteenth-Century Communications: A Documentary History, 1780-1918

Grant awarded: £7940

Koh, Dr Boon Han SRG1920\100428

Lecturer in Economics, University of East Anglia


The Signals We Give: Gender, Feedback, and Competition

Grant awarded: £9974

Kostelka, Dr Filip SRG1920\101490

Lecturer, University of Essex


Political Causes of Economic Inequality

Grant awarded: £9868.8

La Chimia, Professor Annamaria SRG1920\100904

Professor of Law and Development, School of Law, University of Nottingham, University of Nottingham


Sustainable Food Procurement for Schools: Challenges and Opportunities in Italy, France and the UK

Grant awarded: £9988

Lameras, Dr Petros SRG1920\100529

Assistant Professor in Serious Games, Coventry University


Teachers’ experiences of how artificial intelligence impacts teaching and learning

Grant awarded: £5625

Lander, Dr Jennifer SRG1920\100809

Lecturer in Law (permanent teaching and research contract), De Montfort University


Extractive Citizenship: Transnational Claim-Makers and Mediators on New Resource Frontiers

Grant awarded: £9960

Lawson, Dr Joseph SRG1920\100093

Lecturer in history, Newcastle University


Ethnicity in Schools in Maoist China

Grant awarded: £7055.85

Lee, Dr Hsing-fen SRG1920\100839

Senior Lecturer in Innovation, Middlesex University

Management and Business Studies

The roles of Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS) and universities in the innovation of businesses

Grant awarded: £9785

Legg, Dr Charlotte SRG1920\100997

Lecturer in French Studies, Head of Department, University of London


Connected Histories of Empire: France and Britain in the South Pacific, 1890-1914

Grant awarded: £9858

Leucht, Dr Brigitte SRG1920\100691

Senior lecturer in European Studies / Course leader Masters in Research (Humanities and Social Sciences), University of Portsmouth


Of alcohol and identity: Consumers and the creation of the EC common market, 1979-1992

Grant awarded: £4655

Lev-Ari, Shiri SRG1920\101183

Lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London


The emergence of language universals from a social networks perspective

Grant awarded: £7810

L'Hoiry, Dr Xavier SRG1920\100347

Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy, University of Sheffield


Courting Young Magistrates

Grant awarded: £6682

Li, Professor Degui SRG1920\100603

Professor, University of York


Modelling Large Spot Volatility Structure for High-Frequency Data: New Methodology and Practice

Grant awarded: £9507

Lohse, Dr Johannes SRG1920\101342

Lecturer in Economics, University of Birmingham


Intergenerational conflicts and cooperation for the future of the planet

Grant awarded: £9767.1

Lomer, Dr Sylvie SRG1920\101482

Lecturer in Policy and Practice, University of Manchester


Enacting Internationalisation in Higher Education at the intersections of policies, strategies and practices

Grant awarded: £9739

Lumsden, Dr Karen SRG1920\100338

Assistant Professor in Criminology, University of Nottingham


Breaking Bad News: A Qualitative Study of Frontline Police Work with the Bereaved

Grant awarded: £9955

Luo, Dr Jingxi SRG1920\101649

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Birmingham


Exploring a new paradigm of agent-based, high-dimensional belief dynamics

Grant awarded: £7591.05

MacDonald, Dr Mandi SRG1920\101614

Lecturer in social work, Queen's University Belfast


Finding digital safe spaces for children’s contact with birth family after adoption from care

Grant awarded: £8384

Marten, Professor Lutz SRG1920\101247

Professor of General and African Linguistics, SOAS University of London


An initial description of the Kitaveta language

Grant awarded: £9120.59

Martini, Dr Matteo SRG1920\101012

Senior Lecturer, University of East London


A special touch to decrease pain: exploring subjective and brain responses “to affective touch” in a model of chronic pain

Grant awarded: £9917.56

Mayhew, Professor Robert SRG1920\100256

Professor of Historical Geography and Intellectual History, University of Bristol


More than Malthusian: Recontextualising Robert Wallace:

Grant awarded: £3660

Meadows, Dr Robert SRG1920\100730

Reader in Sociology, University of Surrey


Chatbots and the shaping of mental health recovery

Grant awarded: £9922

Michaelidou, Dr Nina SRG1920\101599

Reader in Marketing, Loughborough University

Management and Business Studies

Wearable Technologies and Mobile Applications as Tools to Promote Healthy Eating among Young People: A pilot study

Grant awarded: £9516

Mills, Dr Tom SRG1920\101414

Lecturer, Sociology, Aston University


Mapping the Establishment: British Elites and their Institutional Affiliations

Grant awarded: £9955

Mitchell, Dr Sarah-Louise SRG1920\100786

Senior Lecturer in Marketing., Oxford Brookes University

Management and Business Studies

Mission-based collaboration and its impact on nonprofit brands

Grant awarded: £5155

Mitelpunkt, Dr Shaul SRG1920\101007

Lecturer in Modern History, University of York


Remaking Civil-Military Relations in the United States, 1940-2020

Grant awarded: £9850

Molineaux Ress, Dr Benjamin Joseph SRG1920\101314

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, The University of Edinburgh


A comprehensive corpus of grapho-phonological correspondences for Older Scots

Grant awarded: £9629

Moynihan, Professor Sinead SRG1920\100999

Associate Professor in American and Atlantic Literatures, University of Exeter

English Language and Literature

Brian Moore at 100

Grant awarded: £7197.4

Narayanan, Dr kanimozhi SRG1920\100231

Lecturer in Organisational Behavior, Aston University

Management and Business Studies

Cyberdeviance in the digital tech sector: informal rules, relational reflexivity and transformational ends

Grant awarded: £9961

Nason, Dr Sarah SRG1920\100577

Lecturer in Administrative Law and Jurisprudence, Bangor University


Judicial Review in Wales: Access to Justice and the Rule of Law

Grant awarded: £9931

Nowicki, Dr Melanie SRG1920\100588

Senior Lecturer in Urban Geography, Oxford Brookes University


Tiny Homes, Big Promises: Exploring the Emerging Geographies of Tiny House Developments in Austin, Texas

Grant awarded: £9837.36

O'Grady, Professor Alice SRG1920\101049

Professor in Applied Performance, University of Leeds

Culture, Media and Performance

The PARTY Project - PAR3 for Teens and Young Adults Living with Cancer.

Grant awarded: £9990

O'Rourke, Professor Bernadette SRG1920\101109

Professor of Sociolinguistics and Hispanic Studies, University of Glasgow


Carving out new spaces for minority languages in urban space: a pilot study on the dynamics of language practices and ideologies

Grant awarded: £9931.58

Pandey, Professor Rajyashree SRG1920\100907

Professor of Japanese Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London

Africa, Asia and the Middle East

The Body at its Limits: Rethinking the Categories Rape and Suicide for Interpreting Non-Western Pasts: The Case of Medieval Japan

Grant awarded: £9545.69

Perfect, Dr Michael SRG1920\100657

Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University

English Language and Literature

Levy's Legacy

Grant awarded: £6805

Pevalin, Professor David SRG1920\100096

Professor (part time, fixed contract to 31/8/2020), University of Essex


Extending the use of former measures of social class beyond 2021

Grant awarded: £5264

Plastow, Professor Jane SRG1920\100516

Professor of African Theatre, University of Leeds

Culture, Media and Performance

A History of East African Theatre

Grant awarded: £5035

Polanski, Dr Arnold SRG1920\101010

Associate Professor, University of East Anglia


What can economists learn from applying machine learning to bargaining?

Grant awarded: £9966.54

Potter, Dr Caroline SRG1920\100026

Independent scholar, None


Pierre Boulez, surrealist: the literary context of his formative years

Grant awarded: £3216

Pullen, Dr Christopher SRG1920\100567

Principal Academic in Media Theory, Bournemouth University


Understanding LGBTQ Refugees' and Asylum Seekers' Support Needs through Listening to Autobiographical Storytelling

Grant awarded: £9513

Pultar, Dr Anna SRG1920\101224

Postdoctoral fellwoship, official title: Career Development Fellow (Education Policy), University of Edinburgh


Far right education politics and policy: towards an interdisciplinary research agenda

Grant awarded: £9970

Ranasinha, Dr Ruvani SRG1920\101607

Reader in Postcolonial Literature, King's College London

English Language and Literature

Hanif Kureishi: a Literary Biography

Grant awarded: £3298.88

Rankin-Wright, Dr AJ SRG1920\100116

Assistant Professor, Durham University, UK


Black women pioneers: herstories of leadership in the sporting workplace

Grant awarded: £9960

Reddick, Dr Yvonne SRG1920\101251

Research Fellow in Modern English and World Literatures, University of Central Lancashire

English Language and Literature

Seamus Heaney’s Environmental Poetry: From Deep Time To Climate Change in the Archives

Grant awarded: £1849

Riding, James SRG1920\101002

Newcastle University Academic Track Fellow (NUAcT) in Geography, Newcastle University


The Former State Project: A Journey Through Yugoslavia

Grant awarded: £9830

Riley, Dr Mark SRG1920\101472

Reader in Geography, University of Liverpool


#farming365: exploring farmers’ use of social media and its role in sharing and developing notions of the ‘good farmer’

Grant awarded: £9997.1

Robin, Dr Guillaume SRG1920\101275

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Edinburgh


Houses, death and identity in Late Neolithic Sardinia

Grant awarded: £9010

Rockey, Dr James SRG1920\100829

Associate Professor of Economics, University of Leicester


The Long-term labour market consequences of early health shocks

Grant awarded: £9847

Rohleder, Dr Poul SRG1920\101035

Senior Lecturer, University of Essex


Holding Hands: Experiences of shame, pride and protest among LGBT relationship partners

Grant awarded: £7297

Roth, Dr Christopher SRG1920\101574

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Warwick


Do People Want to Avoid Fake News? Evidence From the Field

Grant awarded: £10000

Rueda, Professor David SRG1920\100599

Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Oxford


Fairness, Risk and the Welfare State

Grant awarded: £9920

Saitis, Dr Charalampos SRG1920\101673

Lecturer in Digital Music Processing, Queen Mary University of London


Metaphors we listen with: the neural correlates of timbral brightness investigated by pitch-timbre interference and fMRI

Grant awarded: £10000

Sajuria, Dr Javier SRG1920\101059

Senior Lecturer in Politics, Queen Mary University of London


Information meets confidence: new advances in the measurement of political (mis)information

Grant awarded: £10000

Santhi, Dr Nayantara SRG1920\100811

Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow, Northumbria University


The Functional Role of Sleep-Wake Regulation in Social Perception: How Sleep Disruption Affects Social Behaviour

Grant awarded: £9403

Savage (Upper), Dr Lauren Elizabeth SRG1920\101491

Senior Lecturer in Book History and Communications, University of London

History of Art

Fladerpapier: Art, Craft, and the Earliest Mass-Produced Wallpaper in the West

Grant awarded: £10000

Screnock, Dr John SRG1920\100225

Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Modeling Textuality in the Hebrew Bible

Grant awarded: £9996.4

Sedgwick, Dr Claire SRG1920\100472

Teaching Associate in Media and Communication, University of Nottingham


The Cultural Economy of Comedy in the East Midlands

Grant awarded: £9968

Shan, Dr Yafeng SRG1920\101076

Research Associate in Philosophy, University of Kent


The Metaphysical Foundations of Evidential Pluralism

Grant awarded: £10000

Sian, Dr Suki SRG1920\101551

Head of Accounting and Financial Management, Queen Mary University of London

Management and Business Studies

Caste-based exculsion from professional accountancy in India

Grant awarded: £7688.54

Siebert, Professor Sabina SRG1920\101715

Professor of Management, University of Glasgow

Management and Business Studies

Managing secret agents

Grant awarded: £9691

Slechten, Dr Aurélie SRG1920\101297

Lecturer in Economics, Lancaster University


Risk management and price formation in the EU carbon market

Grant awarded: £9765.8

Smith, Dr Giulia SRG1920\101241

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Oxford

History of Art

Art, Politics and Ecology in Guyana

Grant awarded: £7440

Smith, Dr Louise SRG1920\101118

Post-doctoral research associate, King's College London


Parental preferences for a mandatory vaccination programme in England

Grant awarded: £8206.77

Sonderegger, Dr Silvia SRG1920\101050

Associate Professor in Economics, University of Nottingham


Gender-based conventions across societies

Grant awarded: £9068

Strogilos, Dr Vasilis SRG1920\100544

Associate Professor in Education, University of Southampton


Co-teaching Between Mainstream and Special Schools: A Partnership to Promote the Inclusion of Pupils with Special Needs and/or Disabilities

Grant awarded: £9966

Strong, Dr James SRG1920\101468

Senior Lecturer in British Politics and Foreign Policy, Queen Mary University of London


Parliament at War: A History

Grant awarded: £9425

Sullivan, Dr Erin SRG1920\100914

Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham

English Language and Literature

Shakespeare and Digital Performance

Grant awarded: £3522

Thomas, Dr Gabor SRG1920\101169

Associate Professor in Early Medieval Archaeology, University of Reading, University of Reading


Faith in Stone: Establishing a Scientific Dating Framework for England’s Earliest Churches

Grant awarded: £9445.2

Thurston, Dr Timothy SRG1920\101494

Lecturer in Chinese Studies, University of Leeds


The Everyday Digital in China's Tibet

Grant awarded: £9984

Townshend, Professor Dale SRG1920\100117

Professor of Gothic Literature, Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester Metropolitan University

English Language and Literature

Matthew Gregory Lewis: Gothic and Romantic Engagements Beyond _The Monk_ and _The Castle Spectre_.

Grant awarded: £7370

Veiga, Dr Andre SRG1920\101642

Assistant Professor of Economics, Imperial College London, Business School


How UK GPs Respond to the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF): a Bunching Estimator Approach

Grant awarded: £9891

Vella Gregory, Dr Isabelle SRG1920\100279

Affiliate Scholar, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge (unpaid post)


The first systematic petrographic study of Neolithic pottery in the Maltese Islands

Grant awarded: £9870

Waite, Dr Kathryn SRG1920\101289

Assistant Professor in Marketing, Heriot Watt University

Management and Business Studies

Dementia-friendly Financial Services: Lasting Power of Attorney and the Caregiver Burden

Grant awarded: £7869.16

Wang, Dr Zheng SRG1920\100546

Associate Professor (Reader) in Economics, De Montfort University


Understanding the Gravity of Talent through the Lens of International Business-Class Air Travels

Grant awarded: £9995

Weedon, Professor Alexis SRG1920\101483

Professor of Publishing, University of Bedfordshire

Culture, Media and Performance

Horror and Romance in the technologizing of the body: Lon Chaney and Elinor Glyn ‘suffering for their art’ in five films of 1920s

Grant awarded: £8841

Wigley, Dr Edward SRG1920\101245

Staff Tutor, Open University


Wudu in public spaces

Grant awarded: £9312.98

Wisniowski, Dr Arkadiusz SRG1920\100757

Senior Lecturer, The University of Manchester


Statistical modelling of cyclist accidents with Big Data: a case study of Greater Manchester

Grant awarded: £9947

Wolohan, Dr Felicity SRG1920\100325

Senior Lecturer, Edge Hill University


Learning who to trust: How do we re-affiliate after social exclusion?

Grant awarded: £9929

Wood, Dr Adam SRG1920\100615

Research Fellow, Institute of Education, UCL


The Educational Implications of Changing School Design in Times of Spatial Austerity

Grant awarded: £6641.57

Woods, Dr Eric SRG1920\101691

Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of East London


Understanding the Role of Culture in Ethno-nationalism in the West: A Comparative Content Analysis of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen’s Twitter Communication

Grant awarded: £10000

Yoon, Dr Hyungseok SRG1920\100077

Associate Professor of International Business, University of Leeds

Management and Business Studies

Drivers and consequences of interdisciplinary research: Evidence from Nobel laureates and the fellows of business and management research communities

Grant awarded: £8027

Zeydabadi-Nejad, Dr Saeed SRG1920\101637

Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS, University of London


Religion and racism: Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and intersectional solidarity

Grant awarded: £9700

Zhang, Dr Anwen SRG1920\101705

Lecturer in Economics, University of Glasgow


Women Migration, Fertility and Child Care in China: An Empirical Analysis

Grant awarded: £9990

Zhang, Dr Xiaoxiang SRG1920\101581

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Finance, University of Sussex

Management and Business Studies

Sustainable investing by mutual funds and their transparency level to end investors: the impacts on managerial myopic R&D investment behaviour

Grant awarded: £10000

Zhang, Xiaoyue (carol) SRG1920\100526

Assistant Professor in Tourism Marketing and Management, University of Nottingham

Management and Business Studies

Visiting your “compatriots”? Risk and identity conflicts of Chinese tourists to Hong Kong

Grant awarded: £9732.16


University Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Cambridge


Risk Attitude and Portfolio Choice: An Intra-household Perspective

Grant awarded: £9310

Zihnioglu, Dr Ozge SRG1920\100787

Lecturer in Politics, University of Liverpool


Ultranationalist Mobilisation and Pathways to Radicalisation

Grant awarded: £9978

2020 Round

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2020.

Aksoy, Dr Ozan SRG20\200045

Lecturer in Computational Social Science, University College London

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Text-as-data analysis of the content and consequences of Turkey's Friday Khutbas

Grant awarded: £5951.97

Andersen, David SRG20\200228

Assistant Professor of United States Politics (Quantitative), Durham University

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Trust me, I'm verified: Dynamic experiments exploring susceptibility to social media misinformation campaigns

Grant awarded: £10000

Anwar, Dr Mohammad Amir SRG20\200635

Lecturer in African Studies and International Development, University of Edinburgh

Anthropology and Geography

Informality going viral: Domestic Workers, Ride-hailing Drivers and the Pandemic in Africa

Grant awarded: £9997.2

Atrey, Dr Shreya SRG20\201253

Associate Professor in International Human Rights Law, University of Oxford, University of Oxford


Exponential Inequalities: Equality Law in Times of Crisis

Grant awarded: £9981.5

Babo-Rebelo, Dr Mariana SRG20\201121

Post-doctoral Researcher, Fyssen Foundation Fellowship, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (UCL), I hold a Research Fellowship competitively awarded by the Fyssen Foundation, Paris. I have visiting researcher status at UCL.


Space and aesthetics: interplay between ‘where' and ‘what’ in human evaluation and memory

Grant awarded: £9952.67

Banakas, Dr Efstathios SRG20\201033

Reader in Law, University of East Anglia, University of East Anglia



Grant awarded: £9835

Banerjee, Dr Snehasish SRG20\201278

Lecturer, University of York

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Older people’s online information consumption in light of COVID-19-related uncertainty

Grant awarded: £9711.37

Barrow, Professor Sarah SRG20\200758

Professor, Latin American Film and Media, University of East Anglia

Culture, Media and Performance

Through Female Eyes: Women of Peruvian Cinema

Grant awarded: £9712.58

Basta, Karlo SRG20\201372

Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Risky Business: Private Sector and Public Opinion Formation in Secession Referenda

Grant awarded: £10000

Bharucha, Dr Zareen SRG20\200355

Senior Research Fellow, Anglia Ruskin University

Anthropology and Geography

Coronavirus as a game-changer for sustainability in Indian food systems

Grant awarded: £8460

Bombi, Professor Barbara SRG20\201323

Professor of Medieval History, University of Kent, Canterbury

Medieval Studies

Diplomacy and the Making of Europe in the Late Middle Ages (c. 1250-1450)

Grant awarded: £5079.9

Boutoille, Dr Linda SRG20\201579

Research Fellow, Queen's University Belfast


Residue analysis and microwear study of lithic metalworking tools from two Middle Bronze Age workshops at Cabezo Redondo (Villena, SE Spain)

Grant awarded: £4480

Bridger, Dr Emma SRG20\200150

Senior Research Fellow, Birmingham City University


A New Approach to Measuring Public Opinion of Health Inequalities in the United Kingdom and United States

Grant awarded: £9540

Cardi, Dr Valentina SRG20\201222

Clinical Psychologist Lecturer, King's College London


AVATAR-assisted therapy to reduce the power of the eating disorder voice in anorexia nervosa: collaborative development and feasibility testing

Grant awarded: £9800

Carroll, Dr Royce SRG20\201505

Professor in Comparative Politics, University of Essex

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Party representation: beyond left-right ideology

Grant awarded: £9694

Chadwick, Dr Esther SRG20\200465

Lecturer in Art History, Courtauld Institute of Art

History of Art and Music

The Vast Early Modern Atlantic

Grant awarded: £9737.72

Chand, Dr Alison SRG20\200226

Freelance oral historian/independent scholar, None

Modern History from 1850

Rainbows in the Windows: An Oral History of Young Families in Britain in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Grant awarded: £9590

Cieplak, Dr Piotr SRG20\200164

Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking, University of Sussex

Culture, Media and Performance

Intimate moments, public acts: photographs of the disappeared and memory politics in Argentina

Grant awarded: £9960

Columb, Dr Sean SRG20\201496

Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Liverpool


Criminal Synergies: People Smuggling and the Organ Trade in North Africa

Grant awarded: £9905

Cooper, Dr Donal SRG20\201260

University Teaching Officer (Senior Lecturer), University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge

History of Art and Music

Going Underground: Reassessing the Italian church interior as an artistic context via non-invasive archaeology

Grant awarded: £9923

Costa, Dr Cristina SRG20\200065

Assistant Professor, Durham University


From on-campus to online: International students returning to academia in the context of COVID-19

Grant awarded: £9980

Dasandi, Dr Niheer SRG20\200584

Senior Lecturer in Politics and Development, University of Birmingham

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

War Crimes and Punishment: Understanding Public Attitudes to Violations of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Grant awarded: £9240

Day, Christopher SRG20\200765

Professor of Education, University of Nottingham


Teacher professionalism in changing contexts: challenges to teachers' thinking and practices as Covid-19 subsides.

Grant awarded: £9904.02

de Paor-Evans, Mr Adam SRG20\201391

Reader in Ethnomusicology, University of Central Lancashire

History of Art and Music


Grant awarded: £7144.71

Denedo, Dr Mercy SRG20\200876

Assistant Professor in Accounting, Durham University

Management and Business Studies

Performance, Accountability and Governance in the Nigerian Prison System

Grant awarded: £10000

Duncan, Dr Alfred SRG20\201450

Lecturer in Economics, University of Kent

Economics and Economic History

The Economic Effects of Bankruptcy Reforms: Theory, and Evidence from India

Grant awarded: £9698

Dunn, Dr Katie SRG20\200866

Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Sheffield Hallam University

Management and Business Studies

Social media interventions: A tool for reducing young adults' plastic consumption?

Grant awarded: £7228.8

Elsden, Dr Chris SRG20\200572

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

Culture, Media and Performance

What is a Ticket? Reimagining Online Economies for New Creative Transactions in the Performing Arts

Grant awarded: £9983.54

Fearnley, Dr Andrew SRG20\200847

Lecturer in Twentieth-Century US History, University of Manchester, UK

Modern History from 1850

Ashley Montagu and the Public Life of Anthropology

Grant awarded: £7244

Fernández-Götz, Dr Manuel SRG20\200052

Reader and Head of the Archaeology Department, University of Edinburgh


On the Edge of Empire: Exploring Iron Age Settlement Landscapes in Southwest Scotland

Grant awarded: £9697

Fortwengel, Dr Johann SRG20\200532

Senior Lecturer in International Management, King's College London

Management and Business Studies

Law firms in Africa: Professionalisation, internationalisation, and competition

Grant awarded: £9700

Frennhoff Larsen, Dr Magdalena SRG20\200667

Assistant Head of School, School of Social Sciences, University of Westminster

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

The EU as an International Negotiator

Grant awarded: £9016

Gaddini, Dr Katie SRG20\200857

Senior Teaching Fellow, University College London

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Race, Religion, and Nationalism in the US: Examining White Evangelical Support for Trump

Grant awarded: £9684.3

Galeazzi, Dr Fabrizio SRG20\201313

Research Fellow, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus

Culture, Media and Performance

Kusunda: How extended reality offers a more critical and emotional engagement with endangered indigenous languages and heritage.

Grant awarded: £9516.5

Gazzotti, Lorena SRG20\200368

Alice Tong Sze Research Fellow, Lucy Cavendish College

Anthropology and Geography

Containment beyond deportation. Governing migrant children in the Spanish enclave of Melilla

Grant awarded: £6234.5

Germann, Dr Micha SRG20\200260

Prize Fellow in Political Science, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Deliberative Mini-Publics, Procedural Fairness, and the Acceptance of Negative Political Decisions: Survey Experimental Evidence from Ireland

Grant awarded: £8800

Gill, Professor Gitanjali Nain SRG20\200093

Professor of Environmental Law, Northumbria University


Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Vulnerable Poor Communities: Criticalities and Scrutiny of Law in Gujarat, India.

Grant awarded: £10000

Gilligan, Dr Katie SRG20\201210

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, University of Surrey, UK


Hands-On: Investigating the role of physical manipulatives in spatial training

Grant awarded: £9980.94

Gottardi, Professor Piero SRG20\201337

Professor of Economics, University of Essex

Economics and Economic History

What do Mediators do? An Information and Mechanism Design Point of View

Grant awarded: £10000

Graffin, Dr Neil SRG20\200630

Lecturer in Law, The Open University


An exploration of humanitarian search and rescue workers' navigation and understanding of law

Grant awarded: £9999.99

GUPTA, Professor BISHNUPRIYA SRG20\201444

Professor, University of Warwick

Economics and Economic History

Political Risk and Industrial Investment in Colonial India

Grant awarded: £9999

Guyot-Rechard, Dr Berenice SRG20\200842

Senior Lecturer in 20th c. International History, King’s College London

Modern History from 1850

“Breathing through water: Sri Lanka’s diplomacy and the sea, 1960s-1980s”

Grant awarded: £9998

Hancock, Professor Philip SRG20\201393

Professor of Work and Organisation, University of Essex

Management and Business Studies

Performing during/after lockdown: A study of the impact of COVID-19 on live performers in the UK

Grant awarded: £9721

Haq, Dr Muhibul SRG20\200563

Lecturer in Management, The Business School, University of Huddersfield, University of Huddersfield

Management and Business Studies

Conceptualizing Informality as a Source of Sustainable Success and Competitive Advantage in Regional Ethnic Minority Micro-businesses

Grant awarded: £9347.04

Haralambidou, Dr Penelope SRG20\200136

Associate Professor, Director of Communications, University College London

History of Art and Music

City of Ladies: An evaluation of the significance of the architectural iconography in Christine de Pizan’s The Book of the City of Ladies, 1404, for the history of female speculative architectural design.

Grant awarded: £9943

Harrigan, Dr Michael Joseph SRG20\201382

Lecturer in French (Fixed-term Research and Teaching contract), none

Early Modern History to 1850

Conversion Strategies in the Early Modern Caribbean

Grant awarded: £6703

Hassan, Dr Mohamed SRG20\201351

Lecturer of Digital Analytics, Kent Business School, University of Kent, UK

Management and Business Studies

Could disabled service employees get a better customers’ service evaluation rating when their service/work environment signals competence?

Grant awarded: £7400

Hughes, Anna SRG20\200356

Lecturer, University of Essex


Developing a collaborative framework for naturalistic visual search

Grant awarded: £8971

Hulme, Professor Peter SRG20\200524

None, None

Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830

"Opportunity" and its writers

Grant awarded: £6650

Ianni, Dr Antonella SRG20\200032

Associate Professor in Economics, University of Southampton

Economics and Economic History

On the Economics of Salience

Grant awarded: £9000

Jaschok, Professor Maria SRG20\200862

Senior Research Associate of Contemporary China Studies Centre, OSGA, U. of Oxford, none

Anthropology and Geography

An Ethnography of Leadership, Movement and Institution-building; the Personal and Political in Chinese Feminism (1993–1995)

Grant awarded: £3860

Jefferson, Professor Ann SRG20\200357

Emeritus Professor of French, Oxford University

Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830

Nathalie Sarraute: Essais, conférences et écrits divers/ Uncollected Writings

Grant awarded: £5278.3

Jiang, Dr Lingqing SRG20\201230

Lecturer, University of Essex

Economics and Economic History

Oops!... I Did It Again: Understanding Mechanisms of Persistence in Prosocial Behaviour

Grant awarded: £9832.8

Jones McVey, Dr Rosalie SRG20\200813

Junior Research Fellow, Christ's College, University of Cambridge

Anthropology and Geography

Morality and Mental Well-being within Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning Programs for British Young People

Grant awarded: £9942

Karaminis, Dr Themis SRG20\201250

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Edge Hill University


Implicit Attitudes towards Autism in the British Press

Grant awarded: £9997

Katartzi, Dr Eugenia SRG20\200900

Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Self and Agency in displacement: The case of Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Children in Greece

Grant awarded: £9844.04

Kelan, Professor Elisabeth SRG20\200195

Professor of Leadership and Organisation, University of Essex

Management and Business Studies

Algorithms and Gender: Helping Artificial Intelligence Learn

Grant awarded: £9996.3

Kellezi, Dr Blerina SRG20\200251

Senior Lecturer in Social and Trauma Psychology, Nottingham Trent University


The psychological impact of documenting historical trauma

Grant awarded: £9950

Khalili, Professor Laleh SRG20\200427

Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary University of London

Management and Business Studies

Tankers and Tycoons: The Modern Regimes of Law, Labour and Finance

Grant awarded: £9885

King, Professor Kenneth SRG20\200393

Emeritus Professor. University of Edinburgh, None


Language Training and Cultural Diplomacy: the Case of China’s Confucius Institutes and Classrooms

Grant awarded: £9650

Kubal, Dr Agnieszka SRG20\200460

Lecturer in Sociology, University College London

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

A sociology of human rights in Poland.

Grant awarded: £9990

Kula, Professor Nancy SRG20\201369

Professor of Linguistics, University of Essex

Linguistics and Philology

Dialectology in Bantu Languages: Variation in Bemba across phonology and morphosyntax

Grant awarded: £9958

Lam, Dr Hugo SRG20\201061

Senior Lecturer in Operations Management, University of Liverpool

Management and Business Studies

Does doing good during bad times pay off? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic

Grant awarded: £9554.4

Lavelle, Dr Jane Suilin SRG20\200688

Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, University of Edinburgh


Replication: Crisis or opportunity?

Grant awarded: £9990

leader, Professor zachary SRG20\200680

Independent Scholar, Independent Scholar

Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830

"Ellmann's 'Joyce': A Biography"

Grant awarded: £7313

Lee, Dr Richard SRG20\200138

Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Between transition and crisis: food assistance organisations in Northumberland and the implications for social infrastructure

Grant awarded: £8517.8

Leigh, Dr Jadwiga SRG20\200541

Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Subjects of the child protection process: Why do some parents succeed and others struggle?

Grant awarded: £8042

Levi, Professor Michael SRG20\201612

Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University


Fraud and cognate economic crimes and their relationship to Pandemics and Economic Crises from 1850 to the PresentThe study will analyse the best evidence available on the known and plausible links between frauds of different types, pandemics/epidemics si

Grant awarded: £9585

Lovell, Dr Julia SRG20\200893

Professor in modern Chinese history and literature, Birkbeck, University of London

Modern History from 1850

New Sinophone Histories of the late Qing and Xinhai Revolution (1895-1912)

Grant awarded: £9967.15

Lucivero, Dr Federica SRG20\201487

Senior Researcher in Ethics and Data, University of Oxford


Digital Sustainability: Exploring ethical challenges and opportunities for a sustainable digital revolution

Grant awarded: £9556.14

Ludlow, Dr Elizabeth SRG20\200594

Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Anglia Ruskin University

Theology and Religious Studies

Expressions of Prayer, Praxis and Christology in the Josephine Butler archives

Grant awarded: £1527

Malcolm, Professor Rosalind SRG20\201504

Professor of Environmental Law, UNIVERSITY OF SURREY


A New Model Law for Products: Codex Rerum

Grant awarded: £8210

Manzini, Professor Paola SRG20\201008

Professor of Economics and Head of Department, University of Sussex

Economics and Economic History

Mixture Choice Data - a field experiment

Grant awarded: £8900

Marra, Dr Marianna SRG20\200211

Senior Lecturer in International Business, University of Sussex

Management and Business Studies

The value of indirect citations to understand the evolution of technological innovation

Grant awarded: £9175

McCue, Dr Maureen SRG20\201053

Senior Lecturer in Nineteenth-century British Literature, Bangor University

Early Modern Languages and Literatures to 1830

Social Media: Women, Pictures and Print, 1750-1840

Grant awarded: £4904

Menezes, Dr Livia SRG20\200850

Teaching Fellow in Economics, University of Birmingham

Economics and Economic History

Criminal Victimisation and Workplace Performance and Turnover

Grant awarded: £9340.6

Messina, Dr Lisa SRG20\200259

Lecturer in Management, Queen's University Belfast

Management and Business Studies

First Brexit, then Covid-19: Exploring Strategic and Crisis Management in Northern Irish Agri-Food SMEs

Grant awarded: £7489.2

Millar, Dr Katharine SRG20\201297

Assistant Professor of International Politics, London School of Economics

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

The Challenge of Mass Deaths for Social Order in a Transnational Context: Experiencing COVID19

Grant awarded: £9924

Millner, Dr Naomi SRG20\200574

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Bristol

Anthropology and Geography

Drones in the forest: Exploring the political ecologies of emerging environmental monitoring technologies in conflicted conservation areas (Colombia and Guatemala)

Grant awarded: £9980

Milne, Dr Emma SRG20\200649

Lecturer in Criminology, University of Plymouth


Prosecuting, defending, sentencing: Infant killing and the role of the law and courts in England and Wales

Grant awarded: £10000

Molloy, Dr Marie SRG20\200143

Senior Lecturer in American History, Manchester Metropolitan University

Early Modern History to 1850

Southern Women, Black Men: Sex, Scandal and Marital Breakdown in the Slaveholding South

Grant awarded: £6426

Mookherjee, Professor Nayanika SRG20\201602

Professor of Political Anthropology, Durham University

Anthropology and Geography

Household Dynamics under Crisis: COVID 19 Policies and its Implications for Bangladeshis at home and in the diaspora (UK)

Grant awarded: £9839.37

Moreau, Professor Marie-Pierre SRG20\201284

Professor of Education, Anglia Ruskin University


Precarious transitions? Doctoral students negotiating the shift to academic positions

Grant awarded: £9648.91

Morgenroth, Dr Thekla SRG20\201173

Post-doctoral research Fellow, University of Exeter


She’s not a real feminist: Conflicts in the pursuit of gender equality

Grant awarded: £7032.84

Murphy, Jennifer SRG20\200146

Lecturer in Psychology, Royal Holloway University of London


Sex differences in interoception and emotional processing: Bias in the interpretation of ambiguous states in others?

Grant awarded: £9990

Murray, Dr Jennifer SRG20\201414

Independent Scholar, None

Medieval Studies

The book as object: analysing, integrating and communicating the information locked with the structure of a bookbinding

Grant awarded: £8150

Nesterova, Dr Yulia SRG20\200232

Research Fellow, University of Glasgow


Local, place-based, and community-driven approaches to peacebuilding

Grant awarded: £9802.96

Newlands, Dr Emma SRG20\201109

Lecturer in History, University of Strathclyde

Modern History from 1850

Fighting for Life: British Male Military Medics in the Second World War

Grant awarded: £4125

O Muircheartaigh, Dr Peadar SRG20\201048

Lecturer in Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth University

Early Modern Languages and Literatures to 1830

Variation and Change in the Language of Manx Sermons

Grant awarded: £9612.18

Omissi, Dr Adrastos SRG20\200578

Lecturer in Latin Literature, University of Glasgow

Classical Antiquity

A New Map of the Fall of the West Roman Empire, 270-480 AD

Grant awarded: £9825

Pantic, Dr Natasa SRG20\201530

Research associate, University of Edinburgh


Impacts of COVID-19 on teaching practice and opportunities for virtual internships

Grant awarded: £9964.77

Pappas, Dr Kostas SRG20\200324

Lecturer in Accounting, University of Liverpool

Management and Business Studies

Earnings management in the times of Covid-19

Grant awarded: £9993

Pardos-Prado, Professor Sergi SRG20\201375

Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Glasgow

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

The economy, COVID-19, and the future of liberal democracy

Grant awarded: £9600

Paterson, Dr Jenny SRG20\200397

Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University


Examining and reducing the influence of Just World Beliefs in ingroup victim blaming in hate crime cases

Grant awarded: £9287.4

Perek, Florent SRG20\200157

Lecturer in Cognitive Linguistics, University of Birmingham

Linguistics and Philology

Learning what not to say: Entrenchment and pre-emption effects in artificial language learning

Grant awarded: £5644.35

Pham, Dr Hang SRG20\201416

Lecturer in Accounting, University of Essex

Management and Business Studies

The impacts of political connections on new business ventures

Grant awarded: £9714

pollock, Dr sarah SRG20\200644

Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Manchester Metropolitan University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Interpreter mediated social work: Utilising practitioner knowledge to address inequality

Grant awarded: £7314.25

Raute, Dr Anna SRG20\201025

Lecturer in Economics, Queen Mary University of London

Economics and Economic History

Gender based violence and the evolution of gender norms

Grant awarded: £9885.82

Redoano, Dr Michela SRG20\201549

Associate Professor in Economics, University of Warwick

Economics and Economic History

Local Politics in the Time of Covid-19. Evidence from Italian Municipalities

Grant awarded: £9982.28

Reuveni, Professor Gideon SRG20\200617

Professor of European History and director of the Centre for German-Jewish Studies, Univensity of Sussex

Modern History from 1850

The Spoken, the Hidden, and the Historical: Individual Reparation Claims and the German Jewish Experience after the Holocaust

Grant awarded: £8700

Rose, David SRG20\200074

Associate Professor of Agricultural Innovation and Extension, University of Reading

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

EPSRC's responsible innovation framework: to what extent does it influence innovation in research settings?

Grant awarded: £8070.56

Rowland, Dr Joanne SRG20\201203

Lecturer in Archaeology (Senior Lecturer from 01/08/2020), University of Edinburgh


Social diversity and human-animal relationships in late 1st millennium Egypt: care, upkeep, access and cultic practice in the falcon hypogeum of Djedhor of Athribis at Quesna.

Grant awarded: £9980

Rubery, Professor Matthew SRG20\200625

Professor, Queen Mary University of London

Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830

Projected Books for Veterans with Disabilities

Grant awarded: £5418

Rueda, Dr Valeria SRG20\200729

Assistant Professor (lecturer) of Economics, University of Nottingham

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

The Role of the Suffrage Movement in Mobilising Women into Politics. Lessons from the 1913 Women's Suffrage Pilgrimage.

Grant awarded: £9987.48

Rundle, Dr David SRG20\201389

Lecturer in Latin and Palaeography, University of Kent

Medieval Studies

Cultural Geography of Renaissance Humanism in Fifteenth-Century England

Grant awarded: £9073

Russell, Dr Pascale Sophie SRG20\201448

Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Surrey


The World Needs Hope

Grant awarded: £9928

Sallabank, Dr Julia SRG20\200966

Reader in Language Policy and Revitalisation, SOAS, University of London

Linguistics and Philology

Language Revitalisation: From Practice to Theory

Grant awarded: £9964.52

Sandi, Dr Matteo SRG20\201279

Research Economist, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Economics and Economic History

Youth Crime and Early Years Intervention: Evidence From Brazil

Grant awarded: £9600

Schopohl, Dr Lisa SRG20\201358

Lecturer in Finance, University of Reading

Management and Business Studies

Why are there so few Female Finance Academics? A Comparative Analysis of Publication Records in Finance and Related Fields

Grant awarded: £9983.9

Scriven, Dr Tom SRG20\200182

Vice-Chancellor's Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes

Early Modern History to 1850

Slavery, Race, and Working-Class Radicalism in Britain, 1832-1868

Grant awarded: £7606

Sen, Dr Robin SRG20\201167

Lecturer in Social Work, University of Sheffield

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Changing Safeguards for Children in Care: The Perpsectives of Care Experienced People and Practitioners

Grant awarded: £8085

Serafinelli, Michel SRG20\200108

Lecturer, U of Essex

Economics and Economic History

Rural Labour Markets

Grant awarded: £9979

Simpson, Dr Donald SRG20\200451

Senior Lecturer in Education, Teesside University


'New Normal' or continued 'Social Distancing'? Preschool and Poverty in Post-Pandemic England and the USA

Grant awarded: £7232

Smith, Dr Kimberley SRG20\200255

Lecturer in Health Psychology, University of Surrey

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Stigma and discrimination experienced by adults with cerebral palsy: A participatory action research study

Grant awarded: £8130

Smith, Dr Olivia SRG20\201073

Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy, Loughborough University

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

What counts as the ‘proper administration of justice’? A public attitude survey on the balance of justice in rape cases.

Grant awarded: £9966

Sonmez, Dr Burak SRG20\201163

Independent Scholar, none

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Humanitarian Communication: Gated Information and Sentiments towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Grant awarded: £7298.74

Stoeckel, Dr Florian SRG20\200348

Lecturer in Politics, University of Exeter, University of Exeter

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

Distrust, Conspiracies, and the Political Challenges of Coping with COVID-19

Grant awarded: £9995

Sugden, Dr Edward SRG20\201070

Lecturer in American Literature, King's College London

Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830

Moby-Dick: A Fictional Biography

Grant awarded: £5300

Tavalaei, Dr M.Mahdi SRG20\200067

Lecturer in Business Transformation and Fellow at Centre of Digital Economy, University of Surrey

Management and Business Studies

Exploring power dynamics in digital platforms: a resource dependence perspective

Grant awarded: £9890

Tooth Murphy, Amy SRG20\200567

Lecturer in Oral History, Royal Holloway, University of London

Modern History from 1850

Historicising Butch: Narrating Butch Lesbian Identity and Experience from 1950 – Present

Grant awarded: £9984.25

Trickett, Dr Jayne SRG20\200396

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Loughborough University


Multiplication and sleep- does learning before sleep improve recall?

Grant awarded: £9876.31

Verousis, Dr Thanos SRG20\200159

Senior Lecturer in Finance, University of Essex

Management and Business Studies

Vice Chancellor narcissism and university performance

Grant awarded: £9081

Wahidin, Professor Azrini SRG20\200712

Professor of Sociology and Criminology, University of Warwick

Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics

Ordinary Women in Extraordinary Times – Female Combatants, Political Protest and the Unfinished Process of Peacebuilding in South Africa.

Grant awarded: £9560.5

WANG, Dr Sarah Qian SRG20\201139

Associate Professor of Finance, University of Warwick

Management and Business Studies

Does financial innovation affect employee treatment? Evidence from credit derivatives

Grant awarded: £9992

Ward, Dr James SRG20\201287

Lecturer in English, Ulster University

Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830

ISLE: Ireland in Search of the Legacies of Enlightenment

Grant awarded: £7600

Warden, Dr Claire SRG20\200575

Senior Lecturer in English and Drama, Loughborough University

Culture, Media and Performance

Health and Wellbeing in Professional Wrestling

Grant awarded: £9700

Wardhaugh, Dr Bruce SRG20\201069

Senior Lecturer in Competition Law, University of Manchester


Competition Law in Crises

Grant awarded: £4732

Watson, Dr Allan SRG20\200291

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University

Anthropology and Geography

Music in the cloud, money from the crowd: crowdfunding, investing, and gamification in the contemporary music industry

Grant awarded: £9936

Weston, Dr Gavin SRG20\200687

Lecturer (FT Permanent), Goldsmiths, University of London

Anthropology and Geography

Watching the Coast

Grant awarded: £9900

Wheatley, Dr Jonathan SRG20\200273

Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Oxford Brookes University

Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations

My Vote Choice 2021: Creating an online tool for the 2021 Election to the Welsh Parliament

Grant awarded: £9920

Wilkinson Cross, Dr Kate SRG20\200870

Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University


International Law and Indigenous Communities: Traditional Knowledge, Technology and Food Security

Grant awarded: £6398

Williamson, Professor Magnus SRG20\200799

Professor of Early Music, Newcastle University

History of Art and Music

English Saints' Offices

Grant awarded: £6733

Wiseman, Dr Ashleigh SRG20\200658

Postdoctoral Researcher, Royal Veterinary College


Early American colonisation: Life on the White Sands National Park playa in the Pleistocene

Grant awarded: £7544

Woodhams, Professor Carol SRG20\201341

Professor of HRM and Head of Department of People and Organisations, University of Surrey

Management and Business Studies

The Progression Gap in Medicine: a longitudinal anaysis addressing why fewer women and BAME doctors are promoted to consultant.

Grant awarded: £9993

Zhan, Dr Yuanzhu SRG20\200985

Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management, University of Liverpool

Management and Business Studies

A Study of COVID-19 Social Media Infodemic in the Retail Pharmacy Industry

Grant awarded: £9012.6

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