BA/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship Awards 2010

Funded by

Professor Julia Boffey SF090032

Professor of Medieval Studies, Queen Mary University of London

English Language and Literature / History of the Book (English)

Written and in print: London books c. 1475- 1530


Dr Christopher Finlay SF090135

Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Birmingham

Politics / Political Philosophy - Politics

Terrorism and the Right to Resist: a Political Theory


Professor Robert Louis Fowler SF090044

H.O. Wills Professor of Greek, University of Bristol

Classics and Ancient History / Greek language and literature

Early Greek Mythography Part II


Dr Guy Robert Rowlands SF090047

Lecturer in History and Director of the Centre for French History and Culture, University of St Andrews

History / Early Modern History

The Military-Industrial Complex of Louis XIV's France


Professor John Robert Strachan SF090037

Professor of English Literature, University of Sunderland

English Language and Literature / Victorian literature

Before Pickwick: Charles Dickens and Late Georgian Print Culture


Professor Erik Swyngedouw SF090068

Professor of Geography, University of Manchester

Geography / Area Studies

The Politics of Environmental Modernization in Spain: From Manufacturing Rivers to Desalting the Seas (1898-2008)


Professor Janet Constance Elizabeth Watson SF090046

Professor of Arabic Linguistics, University of Salford

Modern Languages / Middle Eastern and African languages and literatures

A Syntax of the Modern South Arabian language, Mehri


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