BA/Jisc Grants for Digital Research in the Humanities Awards 2018

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This programme aims to extend support for researchers engaging with Digital Research in the Humanities by offering grants to carry out novel research through the application of new methods and tools to existing digital resources. The use and re-use of existing resources such as digital collections and datasets will demonstrate their capacity to generate new knowledge. The programme is the first partnership between the British Academy and Jisc, the UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not for profit organisation for digital services and solutions.

The intersection of digital technologies and the humanities enables new kinds of research, both in the humanities disciplines and in computer science. Digital Research in the Humanities covers a wide range of methods and practices, including: visualisations of large datasets, 3D modelling of historical artefacts, data mining of large datasets, text mining, data linking, Geographical Information Systems, image and sound processing and analysis.

The following seven 12-month awards were made in September 2018.

2018 awards

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