Horizon Europe Pump Priming Collaboration between UK and EU Partners Awards 2022

Funded by

Dr Zoe Schnepp

Bio-derived graphite for sustainable batteries

University of Birmingham


Dr Roger Few

Strengthening Social Science Collaboration for the Horizon Europe Zero Pollution Call

University of East Anglia


Dr Stefano Ciavatta

Towards New Operational Ocean Ecosystem Capabilities (TONOEC)

Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Dr Kate Woodcock

ASPIRE-to-connect – an arts-informed technology-supported psychological intervention system for boosting mental health by enhancing early adolescents’ social connections

University of Birmingham


Dr Subhash Pokhrel

Development of Evidence-based funding Strategies and Implementation Guidance for Non-surgical obesity prevention and control in Europe (DESIGN): a multi-method study

Brunel University London


Dr Theofanis Exadaktylos


University of Surrey


Dr Michael Mulqueen

Connecting Communities and Police (CCoP)

University of Central Lancashire


Dr Philip Woods

Collaborative learning for democracy: Developing the foundations of a study trialling pedagogies nurturing aesthetic capabilities for democratic citizenship in schools

University of Hertfordshire


Dr Megan O’Neill

Consortium-building and project development for Horizon Europe call: Police and Forensic services

University of Dundee


Dr Jane Harris

Embedding Circularity through R&D in Fashion, Textile and Technology SMEs

University of the Arts London


Dr Adam Streeter

Enhancing the safety and effectiveness of drugs and vaccines through quasi-experimental modelling of real-world data

University of Plymouth


Dr Md. Arafat Mahmood

Impedometric and Photonic Based Hybrid Breath Analysing Sensors for Detecting Diabetes Biomarkers

City, University of London


Dr Suzanne Hagen

Personalised risk prediction for pelvic floor dysfunction in women

Glasgow Caledonian University


Dr Stephen Todryk

A Novel Assay for measuring Transplant Immunity as a Biomarker to inform Immune Suppression

Northumbria University


Dr Kamran Siddiqi

Smokeless Tobacco Prevention Policies for Non-communicable diseases risk reduction in adolescents and youth (STOP4NCD)

University of York


Dr Sonia Bussu

Embedding civic participation for a stronger and more inclusive democracy

Manchester Metropolitan University


Dr Hilde Coffe

Mind the Backlash: A Longitudinal Study on Gender (In)equality and Its Impact on Democracies across Europe

University of Bath


Dr Leandros Maglaras

Resilient Communications for autonomous transport

De Montfort University


Dr Geoffrey Neale

Crashworthy Multi-material Battery Pack Enclosure with Improved Thermal Management

Cranfield University


Dr Davide Dapelo

Neural Turbo Transition - Prologue in Heaven

University of Bradford


Dr Nithin Amirth Javasree

The data-driven framework for multiscale simulation of structural composites for automotive crash analysis: CrashCheck

Brunel University of London


Dr David Milan

Remote sensing soil processes and health for improved Carbon sequestration (ReSSPHICS)

University of Hull


Dr Eghosa Igudia

The role of inclusive poverty reduction and migration policy in a sustainable future for Europe

De Montfort University


Dr Sylvester Arnab

UK-EU collaborations for investigating the evolving and emerging cultural and social identities, values, and impact of European games and play habits and practices (GamePlay Map)

Coventry University


Dr Patrick-Randolph-Quinney

Development of novel detection methods to combat wildlife crime and illegal wildlife trade

Northumbria University


Dr Rachel Julian

Solutions in Community: better understanding of community resilience

Leeds Becket University


Dr Anna Markovska

Adult Service Websites - Improving the Identification, Protection and Safeguarding of Victims of Transnational Organised Sex Trafficking across the EU

Anglia Ruskin University


Dr Saul Albert

Repair & Empowerment: Participation with AI & Robots (REPAIR)

Loughborough University


Dr Thomas Zunder

Digitalisation and Optimisation of Multi-modal Freight Nodes

Newcastle University


Dr Suraje Dessai

ASPECT - Adaptation-oriented Seamless Predictions of European ClimaTe

University of Leeds


Dr Stacia Ryder

Priming Collaboration and Engagement for the PUSH IT (Piloting Underground Storage of Heat In geoThermal reservoirs) Proposal

University of Exeter


Dr Faranak Bahrami

Implementation of light weighting and recycling composite solutions for wind sector for deployment of circular economy: TERICOMP

Brunel University London


Dr Jonne Rodenburg

Optimising Agro-ecological Strategies for Increased Climate Resilience of African Farming Systems (OptimAS)

University of Greenwich


Dr Carsten Welsch

Tracking Health Rank In Vivo Everywhere (THRIVE)

University of Liverpool


Dr Michael Koon Boon Tan

Exploring Nature-based Creative Engagement to foster Wellbeing and developing self-care literacy for Young Carers in Europe

Sheffield Hallam University


Dr Nigel Mason

UK participation in Horizon Europe Space programme HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-82: Space science and exploration technologies.

University of Kent


Dr Simon Goodman

Strengthening racial equality for Black people in Europe

De Montfort University


Dr Martin Birkett

Advanced Bioactive Diamond-like Carbon-based Coatings for Next Generation Orthopaedic Implants

Northumbria University


Dr Ahmed Elmarakbi

Innovative Platform for Graphene-based Smart Functional Composites and Coatings

Northumbria University


Dr Leora Hadas

Greening European Media (GEM): Europe as an Environmental Film Production Hub

University of Nottingham


Dr Alistair Elfick

Defining key health to disease molecular transition events to predict the risk for onset and progression in chronic inflammatory NAFLD for stage-specific patient stratification and personalized prevention and treatments

University of Edinburgh


Dr Xuebin Ke

Pump Priming Collaboration for Next-Generation Biofuel Production

University of Hull


Dr Victoria Tischler

Building SEGA: Silver Employment in the Golden Age (SEGA), enhancing workplace health and wellbeing for older female workers in Europe

University of Exeter


Dr Paolo De Coppi

Engineering Small bOwel from colON for patients with short bowel syndrome (SOON)

University College London


Dr Drew Currie

A novel pharmaceutical topical foot and lower-limb analgesic spray, improving Quality-of-Life and empowering the pre-obese and obese to be more mobile and to lose weight through pain-free exercise.

University of Birmingham


Dr Anthony Quinn

CRAFT LABS 5.0 - Technologies for human-centric innovation to sustain crafts

University of the Arts London


Dr Julia Udall

This Is Not a Park: Hybridising Urban Infrastructure

Sheffield Hallam University


Dr Marta Varela

Identification of atrial fibrillation risk from the ECG: a digital twin-enabled artificial intelligence solution

Imperial College London


Dr Alistair Mathie

Targeting ion channels in pulmonary arterial hypertension

University of Kent


Dr Laurance Wright

Clean sea through retrofit (CARGO)

Southampton Solent University


Gowsihan Poologasundarampillai

LiSaN-BioFab: A Combined Manufacturing And Imaging Facility For The Development Of Engineered Organs

University of Birmingham


Dr Omar Hamza

EU-UK collaboration on bio self-healing concrete for sustainable construction of underground transportation infrastructure

University of Derby


Dr Melanie Levick-Parkin

Gender, Design and Material Justice – materialising gender equality through design, from interdisciplinary, intersectional perspectives

Sheffield Hallam University


Dr Simon Scott

Establishment of a consortium to identify and study emerging viruses in bat populations across Europe

University of Kent


Dr Stephen Kennedy

Captivate: The Application of Technology to Heritage

University of Greenwich


Dr Katerina Strani

Understanding Hate to Counter Extremism

Heriot-Watt University


Dr Martin McQuillan

European cinema: policy, innovation, sustainability, competitiveness

Edge Hill University


Dr Deborah Andrews

Circular Electronics Design Compass - CEDC

London South Bank University


Dr Torfeh Sadat-Shafai

Thermal stability solutions for manufacturing large-scale narrow band gap polymeric solar cell

Staffordshire University


Dr Gabriele Voto

REcyclable CArbon fibre prepreg Tape for high performance multifunctional composites (RECAT)

Cranfield University


Dr Mauro Perretti


Queen Mary University of London


Dr Rachel Murphy

Gendered Power Relations and Demographic Crisis

University of Oxford


Dr Christopher Windows-yule

Advanced three-dimensional imaging of complex multiphase flows: toward the development of novel numerical models for industrial gasification and pyrolysis systems

University of Birmingham


Dr Ian Gadd

The Irregular Migrant Experience on the EU's Northwestern, Southern, and Eastern Borders — pump-priming bid to support research, brokerage, and drafting

Bath Spa University


Dr Simon Evans

A novel Intervention toolkit for prevention and treatment of mental health issues in Youth.

University of Surrey


Dr Andrey Jivkov

Lean support structures for efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use in heritage buildings

University of Manchester


Dr Alex Skordos

ADdItive MAnufacture for next generation Composite applications (ADIMAC)

Cranfield University


Dr Elisabetta Lazzaro

The role of digitisation in the EU music ecosystem: Assessing and fostering its economic and societal impact and potential in the global context

University for the Creative Arts


Dr Hermine Landt-Wilman

The Circle of Life

Durham University


Dr George Bou-Gharios

Development and pre-clinical evaluation of innovative, multi-disciplinary approaches to target the accumulation of specific amino acids for the treatment of inherited rare diseases with unmet need

University of Liverpool


Dr Saak Ovsepian

Multifunctional Precision Nanocarriers for Treatment of Motor Neuron Diseases

University of Greenwich


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