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Professor Stephen Machin FBA

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Current post

  • Professor of Economics and Director, Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics

Past Appointments

  • Professor of Economics, University College London, 1996 - 2017


What is the good of education (2005)

Where the minimum wage bites hard: the introduction of the UK National Minimum Wage to a low wage sector Journal of the European Economic Association (2003)

Technology and changes in skill structure: evidence from seven OECD countries Quarterly Journal of Economics (1998)

Other Economics and Economic History Fellows

Professor Bruce Campbell

The economic history of late-medieval Britain and Ireland, with particular reference to human-environment interactions during the 14th century and trends in agricultural output and productivity from the 13th to 19th centuries

Professor Rachel Griffith

Applied economic analysis of the impact of government policy on economic performance; competition, innovation and productivity; firm pricing behaviour; consumer shopping patterns and nutrition

Professor John Campbell

Financial economics; bond and stock prices, portfolio choice for long-term investors, and the financial decisions of households

Professor Guy Laroque

Economics: economic theory, finance, taxation, macroeconomics, commodity prices, economics of the household