This section brings together Fellows who specialise in education and related fields.

Focus of this section

Education concerns us all, and as a focus for scholarship and research it is quintessentially interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. This is reflected in the section’s membership, which currently includes Fellows from 11 of the Academy’s other 20 sections, both humanities and social sciences. Their interests include: children and childhood; human development, cognition and learning; learning difficulties and developmental disorders; language, linguistics, language processing, literacy and bilingualism; school organisation and effectiveness; curriculum, teachers and teaching; media and communication; parenting, families and youth culture; gender, ethnicity, class and identity; the growth of mass education; educational systems, demography, statistics, policy and governance; economics, employment, poverty, wealth, social mobility and education; education and international development.

Section chair

Professor Anna Vignoles FBA

Professor of Education and Director of Research, University of Cambridge

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