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Professor Richard Overy FBA

About this Fellow


Current post

  • Professor of History, University of Exeter

Past Appointments

  • College Lecturer, Queens' College University of Cambridge, 1973 - 1979
  • Lecturer then Professor of Modern History, King's College London University of London, 1980
  • Professor of Modern History, King's College London, King's College London University of London, 1992


The air war 1939-1945 1980

War and economy in the Third Reich 1994

Russia's war 1998

Other Modern History from 1850 Fellows

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The history of 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century Prussia, Germany and Europe, especially the history of religion and religious conflict, the impact of the revolutions of 1848, the outbreak of the First World War and variations in the historical experience of

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Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French history; Second World War; Europe's 1968; historical memory and oral history

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History of science, especially the natural history sciences of the 18th and 19th centuries; the rise and spread of evolutionary thought; Charles Darwin; the role of commemorations and biography in science

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