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Professor Piero Boitani FBA


Current post

  • Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Rome 'La Sapienza'


Riconoscere è un dio. Scene e temi del riconoscimento in letteratura 2014, Torino, Einaudi

Dante e il suo futuro 2013 Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura

Letteratura e verità 2013 Studium

Chaucer and the Imaginary World of Fame 1984 Brewer

Il grande racconto delle stelle 2012, Il Mulino

The Gospel according to Shakespeare 2013 University of Notre Dame Press

Guida allo studio delle letterature comparate 2013 Laterza

The Shadow of Ulysses. Figures of a Myth 1994 Clarendon Press

The Bible and its Rewritings 1999 Oxford University Press

Winged Words. Flights in Poetry and History 2007 University of Chicago Press

La prima lezione sulla letteratura 2007 Laterza

Sulle orme di Ulisse 2007 Il Mulino

Letteratura europea e Medioevo volgare 2007 Il Mulino

The Tragic and the Sublime in Medieval Literature 1989 Cambridge University Press

Chaucer and the Italian Trecento, ed. 1983 Cambridge University Press

The Cambridge Companion to Chaucer, ed. with Jill Mann 2003 (2nd) Cambridge University Press

The European Tragedy of Troilus, ed. 1989 Clarendon Press

English Medieval Narrative 1982 Cambridge University Press

The Genius to Improve an Invention 2002 University of Notre Dame Press

Prosatori Negri del Novecento 1973 Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura

Chaucer and Boccaccio Medium Aevum Monographs NS VIII 1977

Other Early Modern Languages and Literatures to 1830 Fellows

Professor Nigel Leask

Literature & culture of the 'long Romantic period', with a focus on empire, nation & travel writing. My recent focus is Scottish literature & thought 1750-1850, with a special emphasis on Robert Burns & his poetic & intellectual circle.

Professor Peter Mack

Renaissance rhetoric & dialectic; medieval & renaissance European literature, thought & cultural history

Professor Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly

Early modern German culture; European court culture, especially festivals, of the early modern period; the representation of women in German literature; writing by women in German.

Professor Aurora Egido

History and Critique of 16th and 17th centuries of Spanish Literature in its variables subjects, genres and authors, from Garcilaso to Gracián (including Santa Teresa, Cervantes, Góngora and Calderón, among others), with studies and critical editions

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