Professor Nancy Cartwright FBA


Elected 1996

Fellow type
UK Fellow
Year elected

Nancy Cartwright is a philosopher/methodologist of the natural and social sciences. During the first part of her career at Stanford University she specialised in philosophy of physics; in the second part, in the UK (LSE & Durham) and at UCSD, she specialises in the social and economic sciences and on evidence-based policy. She has worked on scientific realism and use of theory, modelling, causality and evidence. Besides being a fellow of the British Academy, Professor Cartwright is a former MacArthur fellow, a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, the American Philosophical Society and the Leopoldina (the German Society for Natural Science). She has honorary degrees from Southern Methodist University and St Andrews. Professor Cartwright was married to the late Sir Stuart Hampshire and they have two daughters, Emily and Sophie.

Current post

Professor of Philosophy, Durham University; Professor of Philosophy, University of California, San Diego

Past appointments

Department of Philosophy, Durham University Professor of Philosophy

2012 -

University of San Diego Professor of Philosophy

1997 -

London School of Economics and Political Science University of London Professor of Philosophy, London School of Economics

1991 - 2012

London School of Economics and Political Science University of London Professor of Philosophy

1989 -

Stanford University, California Professor of Philosophy

1973 - 1989


With E Montuschi, Philosophy of Social Science. A New Introduction 2014

With J Hardie, Evidence Based Policy: A Practical Guide to Doing it Better 2012

Hunting Causes and Using Them: Approaches in Philosophy and Economics 2007

How the laws of physics lie 1983

Nature's capacities and their measurement 1989

The dappled world: a study of the boundaries of science 1999

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