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UK Fellow, Medieval Studies, elected in 1992

Professor Henry Mayr-Harting FBA

About this Fellow




Current post

  • Emeritus Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of Oxford

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Liverpool, 1960 - 1968
  • Fellow and Tutor in Medieval History, St Peter's College University of Oxford, 1968 - 1997
  • Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Lay Canon, Christ Church University of Oxford, 1997 - 2003
  • Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of Oxford, Christ Church University of Oxford, 1968


Acta of the Bishops of Chichester 1072-1207 1965

The coming of Christianity to Anglo-Saxon England 1972 (3rd edn, 1991)

Ottonian book illumination: an historical study (2 vols) 1991 (2nd edn, 1999)

Church and Cosmos in Early Ottonian Germany: The View from Cologne 2007

Other Medieval Studies Fellows

Professor John Marenbon

The history of philosophy, especially c.500 – c.1700, with a focus on Boethius, Anselm and Abelard, but including philosophers up to Leibniz

Professor Susan Rankin

Western medieval music and its transmission and notation from the origins to the thirteenth century and the development of the Latin liturgy, with an especial focus on ritual

Professor David Abulafia

The political, economic, religious and social history of the Mediterranean in the late Middle Ages, especially Italy and Spain; attitudes in late medieval Europe to non-Christian religions and peoples

Professor Peter Jackson

The Mongol Empire & its relations with the Catholic West; the Crusades & the Latin East; & the eastern Islamic world in the Middle Ages.

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