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UK Fellow, Law, elected in 2007

Professor Genevra Richardson FBA

Public law; administrative justice and the relationship between law and medicine, particularly law and psychiatry

About this Fellow

Genevra Richardson has been Professor of Law at King's College London since 2005. Before coming to King's she was Professor of Public Law at Queen Mary, University of London. She has a long-standing interest in law and psychiatry. In 1998-9 she chaired the Expert Committee established by the Department of Health to advise ministers on the reform of mental health legislation. In recent years she has conducted research into the assessment of mental capacity with a team from the Institute of Psychiatry. She has been a member of Council of the Medical Research Council and the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council and a trustee of the Nuffield Foundation. She is an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.



Current post

  • Professor of Law, King's College London

Past Appointments

  • Dean of the Faculty of Law, Queen Mary University of London, 1996 - 1999
  • Professor of Public Law, Queen Mary University of London, 1994 - 2005
  • Professor of Law, King's College London University of London, 2005
  • Professor of Law, King's College London, King's College London University of London, 2005
  • Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College University of Oxford, 1974 - 1978
  • Professor of Law, King's College London, King's College London University of London, 2005

British Academy Appointments

  • Vice President Public Policy, 2016 -


Mental Disabilities and the Law from Substitute to Supported Decision-Making Current Legal Problems 2012

“Mental Capacity in the Shadow of Suicide: What can the law do?” International Journal of Law in Context 2013

Bournewood fifteen years on Landmark cases in medical law 2015

Law, Process and Custody: Prisoners and Patients 1993

Report of the Expert Committee, Review of the Mental Health Act 1983 1999

Autonomy, Guardianship and Mental Disorder: One Problem, Two Solutions 65 Modern Law Review 702-723 2002

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