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Professor Frank Palmer FBA

About this Fellow




Current post

  • Professor Emeritus of Linguistic Science, University of Reading

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer, Soas, University Of London, 1950 - 1960
  • Professor and Head of the Department of Linguistics, University College of North Wales, 1960 - 1965
  • Professor and Head of Department of Linguistic Science, University of Reading, 1965 - 1987
  • Professor Emeritus of Linguistic Science, University of Reading, University of Reading, 1965


Modality and the English modals 1979, 2nd edn 1990

Mood and modality 1986, 2nd edn 2001

Grammatical roles and relations 1994

Other Linguistics and Philology Fellows

Professor Robert Ladd

Phonology and phonetics, and the relation between them ("laboratory phonology"); intonation and prosody, including focus, emotion, pitch perception, tone languages, and links between language and music

Professor Joan Bresnan

Empirical foundations of syntax; corpus and experimental studies of variation in English grammar; cognitive architectures of grammar; the dynamics of probabilistic grammar; linguistic typology; Bantu morphosyntax; lexical-functional grammar

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