Professor Deirdre Wilson FBA


Elected 1990

Fellow type
UK Fellow
Year elected

Deirdre Wilson is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at University College London and a Research Professor of Philosophy and co-director (with Herman Cappelen) of the Linguistic Agency project at the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo. Her main research interests are in communication and theoretical pragmatics: her long-standing collaboration with Dan Sperber (Relevance: Communication and Cognition, Blackwell, 1986/95; Meaning and Relevance, Cambridge University Press, 2012) has led to publications on a wide variety of pragmatic topics, from disambiguation and reference resolution to rhetoric, style and the interpretation of literary works. Her novel Slave of the Passions (Picador, 1991) was shortlisted for two prizes and she has just completed a second.

Current post

Professor of Linguistics, University College London

Past appointments

University College London Lecturer, Reader, Professor of Linguistics

1970 -


Meaning and Relevance 2012

Presuppositions and Non-Truth Conditional Semantics 1975

Modern Linguistics: The Results of Chomsky's Revolution 1979

Relevance: Communication and Cognition 1995 (second edition)

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