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About this Fellow

Political Studies Southern Europe Italy Western Europe European Union politics



Current post

  • Regius Professor of Politics, University of Essex

Past Appointments

  • Lecturer in Government, University of Essex, 1975 - 1988
  • Senior Lecturer in Government, University of Essex, 1989 - 1992
  • Professor in Government, University of Essex, 1993


Performance Politics 2009


Affluence, Austerity and Electoral Change in Britain 2013


The Political Integration of Ethnic Minorities in Britain 2013


Lawmaking and Cooperation in International Politics: The Idealist Case Re-examined 1986


Losing an Empire, Finding a Role 1990


Political Choice in Britain 2004


Other Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations Fellows

Professor Duncan Snidal

International relations theory, emphasis on international cooperation and design of international institutions; international organisations and law; multilateralism; international political economy; transnational regulation; governance

Professor Patricia Clavin

The international and transnational history of the 20th and 21st centuries; internationalism and global organisations, notably the League of Nations; European and US foreign policies, reappraising notions of security; the Great Depression

Professor Michael Walzer

The politics and morality of war with special emphasis right now on asymmetric war; also the complicated relations of religion and nationalism in the years since World War Two