Professor David Mattingly FBA

Archaeology Southern Europe Italy Art and Archaeology of Rome, Italy and the Roman Provinces

Elected 2003

Fellow type
UK Fellow
Year elected

My research spans Roman Archaeology (major work on Britain and Africa), Landscape archaeology (projects in Italy, Jordan and Libya) and Saharan Archaeology (projects in Libya and Morocco). Within Roman archaeology I have worked on issues relating to the ancient economy (especially olive production and trade), urbanisation, mining, frontiers, imperialism and identity. I have recently been leading the Trans-SAHARA Project, funded by the European Research Council, exploring themes of trade, urbanisation and state formation, identity and migration, burial archaeology and technological transfers across the Sahara and beyond. My research and teaching career has taken me from a BA Postdoctoral Fellowship at Oxford, to an Assistant Professor post at University of Michigan to a lengthy career at the University of Leicester since 1992. I have been Professor of Roman Archaeology since 1998 and currently (2015-19) Head of School of Archaeology and Ancient History. I am the author/editor of 25 books and 250 articles and chapters. I was elected Member of the Academia Europaea in 2013. I served on the RAE2008 panels for Archaeology and for Classics and the REF2014 combined Archaeology/Geography panel.

Current post

Professor of Roman Archaeology, University of Leicester

Past appointments

University of Leicester Professor of Roman Archaeology, University of Leicester

1998 -

University of Leicester Professor of Roman Archaeology, University of Leicester

1998 -


The Archaeology of Fazzân. Volumes 1-4 1003/2007/2010/2013

. An Imperial Possession. Britain in the Roman Empire 2006

Tripolitania. 1995

Farming the Desert The UNESCO Libyan Valleys Archaeological Survey. Volumes 1-2 1996

Leptiminus (Lamta): a Roman port city in Tunisia, Report vols 1-3 1992, 2001, 2011

Imperialism, Power and Identity Experiencing the Roman Empire. 2011

Archaeology and Desertification: the Wadi Faynan Landscape Survey, southern Jordan 2007

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