Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe FBA


Elected 1979

UK Fellow

Current post

Emeritus Professor of European Archaeology, University of Oxford

Past appointments

University of Oxford Professor of European Archaeology

Jan 1972 - Jan 2008

University of Southampton Professor of Archaeology

Jan 1966 - Jan 1972

University of Bristol Assistant Lecturer, Department of Classics

Jan 1963 - Jan 1966


Science and Stonehenge (_PBA_ 92, 1997)

Archaeology: the widening debate -2002

The ancient Celts 1997

Bath and the rest of Wessex (_CSIR_ 2, 1982)

Science and Stonehenge (_PBA_ 92, 1997)

Social complexity and the development of towns in Iberia, from the Copper Age to the 2nd century AD (_PBA_ 86, 1995)

Facing the ocean 2001

Europe between the Oceans 2008

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