Whose borders are they anyway? The nation state unravelling

Sun 19 Oct 2014, 16:00 - 17:15


Why do countries that have existed for hundreds of years struggle to sustain the loyalty of their constituent regions? Will we see a Balkanisation of Europe, with large countries disintegrating into smaller parts? If so, what will be the effect on the political and economic integration of the EU? How does this contrast with the continued diminishing of national sovereignty through supranational organisations such as the UN and the International Criminal Court? Should we fear the return of nationalism, or are these trends a welcome way of reinvigorating government on a more popular basis?


Dr Philip Cunliffe, Senior lecturer in international conflict, University of Kent; co-editor, Politics Without Sovereignty: a critique of contemporary international relations.
Mary Dejevsky, Columnist and former chief editorial writer, Independent; leading commentator on Russia, EU and US
Dr Tim Stanley, Writer and columnist, Daily Telegraph
Stewart Sutherland FBA, Cross-bencher, House of Lords; Fellow, British Academy and Royal Society of Edinburgh

Chaired by Craig Fairnington, Associate fellow, Institute of Ideas

Part of Battle of Ideas 2014. Watch the debate now.


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