Let’s talk about Europe - Hay Festival

Mon 29 May 2023, 10:00 - 11:00

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Wheelchair accessible venue
Portrait of Timothy Garton Ash
Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage, Hay Festival

This event is part of the Hay Festival

The British Academy Book Prize is awarded annually for a non-fiction book that has made an outstanding contribution to global cultural understanding for a wider public audience. 

Having spent a lifetime studying Europe, Timothy Garton Ash, former Book Prize winner, gives his account of a period of unprecedented progress on the continent, calling on citizens to understand and defend what we have collectively achieved.

In conversation with writer and Imperial War Museum rector Misha Glenny, Garton Ash shares vivid experiences from his book Homelands, including his father's memories of D-Day, interviewing Polish dockers, Albanian guerrillas in the mountains of Kosovo, and angry teenagers in the poorest quarters of Paris, as well as advising prime ministers, chancellors and presidents.

Speaker:  Timothy Garton Ash, author, Professor of European Studies at University of Oxford, Isaiah Berlin Professorial Fellow at St Antony’s College, Oxford, and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Chair: Misha Glenny, writer and Imperial War Museum rector

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