Poverty and Inequality: The Cost-of-Living Crisis – Oxford Literary Festival

Wed 29 Mar 2023, 16:00 - 17:15

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Portrait of Gary Younge
Exeter College: Marquee, Oxford, OX1 3DP

This event is part of the Oxford Literary Festival

Businesswoman Juliet Davenport, broadcaster Gary Younge and author and journalist Madeleine Bunting look at what has caused the cost-of-living crisis and debate what can be done about it.

As mortgages and rents soar, energy prices rocket and food prices become ever more crippling, wages have stagnated for years. Half of those on benefits are in work, yet already struggling to manage. Teachers report increasing numbers of children showing up hungry. Many elderly people cannot afford to put their heating on. The British workforce is stressed, overworked, insecure, and has not been so powerless for centuries. What has gone wrong? And is there really no alternative?


Madeleine Bunting, Journalist and author

Juliet Davenport, Businesswoman., founder and former chief executive of Good Energy

Gary Younge Hon FBA, Journalist and author, and Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester

Chair: Dr Stephen Law, Philosopher and academic

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