The British Academy Lectures (old series)

This lecture series was established to mark the British Academy’s move to new headquarters in Carlton House Terrace in 1998. The lecture was intended to promote appreciation of the Academy’s fields of scholarship, in particular on matters of topical debate. The first lecture was delivered in 1998, the last in 2018.

2018 Gender equality: Core principle of modern society? by Anne Phillips (text | audio)

2017 The New Negro, the Politics of Respectability, and the Harlem Renaissance by Henry Louis Gates Jr (event information - cancelled)

2016 The rise of ‘no religion’ in Britain: The emergence of a new cultural majority, by Linda Woodhead (text | video)

2015 ‘To count for nothing’: Poverty beyond the statistics, by Ruth Lister (text | video)

2013 The Appeal of Islamic Fundamentalism, by Michael Cook (text | video)

2012 Deadly Embrace: War, Distance and Intimacy, by Derek Gregory (audio, plus slides)

2011 Language diversity, endangerment, and public awareness, by David Crystal (text | audio)

2010 The Mixed Constitution: Monarchical and Aristocratic Aspects of Modern Democracy, by Mogens Hansen (text | audio)

2009 Surrealism and its Legacies in Latin America, by Dawn Adès (text | audio, plus slides)

2008 A Genealogy of the Modern State, by Quentin Skinner (text | audio)

2007 The Devil in the Holy Water: Political Libel in Eighteenth-Century France, by Robert Darnton (text)

2006 Kinds of People: Moving Targets, by Ian Hacking (text)

2005 Becoming Human: the Archaeological Challenge, by Colin Renfrew (text | audio)

2004 What Fates Impose: Facing Up to Uncertainty, by Mervyn King (text | audio)

2003 Revenants and Migrants: Hardy, Butler, Woolf and Sebald, by Gillian Beer (text)

2002 The Quest for the Industrial Revolution, by E A Wrigley (text)

2001 The Life of Learning, by Keith Thomas (text)

2000 Other People, by Amartya Sen (text)

1999 On the ‘Origins’ of Science, by G E R Lloyd (text)

1998 Is There Always an Underclass? by W G Runciman (text)

1998 Plagiarism, by Christopher Ricks (text)

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