Sir John Cass’s Foundation Lectures

In 2012, the Sir John Cass’s Foundation (now named the Portal Trust) agreed to endow a series of annual lectures, for a period of five years in the first instance. The theme alternated between Education and Management & Business Studies. The lecture was first delivered in 2013.

2018 The tragedy of state education in England: Reluctance, compromise and muddle – a system in disarray, by Stephen Ball (text | audio)

2017  Wall Street and Main Street: Dilemmas for management strategy, by Rosemary Batt (text | audio with slides)

2016 Whatever happened to lifelong learning? And does it matter? by John Bynner (text | video)

2015 Reinventing the corporation, by Colin Mayer (text | video)

2014 Education and opportunity: Is the UK departing from a common tradition? by Lindsay Paterson (text | video)

2013 Can Leaders Make a Difference to Organisational Performance? by Andrew Pettigrew (video)

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