Elsley Zeitlyn Lectures on Chinese Archaeology and Culture

This lecture series was endowed through a bequest from Miss Myrtle Henrietta Zeitlyn, in memory of her father Elsley Zeitlyn. The lectures are intended to promote understanding and appreciation of Chinese archaeology, art and music. The lecture was first delivered in 2001.

2019 Dams, moats, and cities: climate and societies in late-holocene China, by Yijie Zhuang (text | audio)

2017 Understanding Chinese jade in a world context, by Gina Barnes (text | audio with slides)

2015 Food globalisation in prehistory: The agrarian foundations of an interconnected continent, by Martin Jones (text | video)

2013 A Heavenly Aura: Confucian Modes of Relic Veneration, by Julia K Murray (text | video)

2011 Between One and Many: Multiples, Multiplication and the Huayan Metaphysics, Hsueh-Man Shen (text | audio, plus slides)

2009 Timely Images: Chinese Art and Festival Display, by Jan Stuart (text)

2008 Buddhist Archaeology in Republican China: a New Relationship to the Past, by Sarah E Fraser (text)

2007 Artists and Craftsmen in the Late Bronze Age of China (Eighth to Third Centuries BC): Art in Transition, by Alain Thote (text)

2006 Qianlong’s Pluralist Aesthetics: Writing a History of Buddhist Art in 18th Century China, by Patricia Berger (event information)

2005 The Inscribed Bronzes from Yangjiacun: New Evidence on Social Structure and Historical Consciousness in Late Western Zhou China (c.800 BC), by Lothar von Falkenhausen (text)

2004 The Prehistory of Chinese Music Theory, by Robert Bagley (text | audio)

2003 Carving Sutras into Stone before the Catastrophe: The Inscription of 1118 at Cloud Dwelling Monastery near Beijing, by Lothar Ledderose (text)

2002 Cultural Interaction between China and Central Asia during the Bronze Age, by Jianjun Mei (text)

2001 The Origins of Chinese Mountain Painting: Evidence from Archaeology, by Jessica Rawson (text)

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