British Academy Law lectures

This lecture series, established at the suggestion of the Academy’s Law Section to complement the Maccabaean Lectures, was intended to be on any legal subject other than jurisprudence, where relevant with an eye on practical policy issues. The first lecture was delivered in 2004, the last in 2018.

2018 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70: A Time to Look Back, and a Time to Look Forward, by Catherine O’Regan (text | audio)

2016 Penal Power: Its Forms, Functions and Foundations, by David Garland (text | audio)

2015 The Four Epochs of Jury Trial in England, by John Langbein (audio)

2012 From Hypatia to Victor Hugo to Larry and Sergey: ‘All the world’s knowledge’ and universal authors’ rights, by Jane C Ginsburg (text | audio)

2011 Thoughtfulness and the Rule of Law, by Jeremy Waldron (text | audio)

2008 Many Legal Orders, One Law, by Francis G Jacobs (text)

2006 Judicial Independence: Who Cares? by Neil MacCormick (text | audio)

2004 Patents and Public Health: Principle, Politics and Paradox, by Edwin Cameron & Jonathan Berger (text)

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