British Academy Centenary Lectures (2002)

As part of the British Academy’s Centenary celebrations in 2002, nine British Academy Centenary Lectures were held in nine universities spread around the UK. Each lecture was in a different discipline, giving an account of its current state and a prediction for its future development. The lecturers were chosen because of their international intellectual distinction and renown as a lecturer.

6 March 2002 (venue: Manchester University): Literary Criticism
Is there a Feminine Genius? by Julia Kristeva (text)

14 March 2002 (venue: University of Sheffield): History
What is History Now? by David Cannadine (text)

16 May 2002 (venue: University of Glasgow): Politics
A Hundred Years of Studying Politics: What Have We Got to Show For it? by Brian Barry (text)

22 October 2002 (venue: Queen's University Belfast): Geography
Geographical Knowledges/Political Powers, by David Harvey (text)

28 October 2002 (venue: University of Bristol): Classics
Classical Athenian Democracy and Democracy Today: Culture, Knowledge, Power, by Josiah Ober (text)

5 November 2002 (venue: University of Aberdeen): Scottish, Welsh and Irish Studies
Location and Dislocation; Ireland, Scotland and Wales in their Insular Alignment, by Keith Robbins (text)

12 November 2002 (venue: University of Essex): History of Art
The Adventures of the Optic Nerve, by John Elderfield (text)

19 November 2002 (venue: University of Warwick): Economics
The Pursuit of a General Theory in Economics, by James Mirrlees

28 November 2002 (venue: University of Wales, Aberystwyth): International Relations
Between Anarchy and Community in International Relations, by James Mayall (text)

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