Facing the Sea of Sand: The Sahara and the Peoples of Northern Africa - Oxford Literary Festival

Sat 16 Mar 2024, 18:00 - 19:00

Wheelchair accessible venue
Portrait of Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe FBA
Lincoln College: Oakeshott Room

This event is part of the Oxford Literary Festival

Archaeologist Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe FBA tells the story of those living around the Sahara Desert and explains how the land was not always desert.

Cunliffe says the Sahara enjoyed a warm humid period from 9000BC that allowed vegetation to flourish and animals to move in. Humans followed and set up pastoral economies before the desert returned from 3000BC. Cunliffe explains how fluctuations in climate have continued to affect those living around the desert. Those living to the north and in the Nile valley saw their cultures come under the influence of the Near East and the Mediterranean while those living in the Sahel to the south developed their own distinctive culture.

Cunliffe is Emeritus Professor of European Archaeology at the University of Oxford and has excavated widely in Britain, Brittany and Spain. His books include The Ancient Celts; Facing the Ocean; The Druids: A Very Short Introduction; Britain Begins; By Steppe, Desert, and Ocean; and The Scythians.

Speaker: Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe FBA

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