Licchavi Heritage at the Crossroads: Multidisciplinary Approaches to History and Heritage in Nepal

Mon 5 - Tue 6 Sep 2022, 09:00 - 16:00

photograph of the ancient Changu Narayan temple in Nepal
University of Oxford and online

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With the advent of Sanskrit culture in the Kathmandu Valley by the third century CE, Nepal emerged as an important node in the transhimalayan trade and cultural networks between India and Inner Asia during the reign of the Licchavis up to at least the mid-eighth century. The material evidence for this period – ranging from Sanskrit inscriptions, sculptures, coins, palm-leaf manuscripts as well as architectural and archaeological evidence – is of importance to both South and Inner Asian history. Yet, in light of rapid urbanisation and the construction of mega-infrastructure, a limited understanding and continued loss or lack of documentation of this historic landscape pose a threat to its preservation. This conference gathers an interdisciplinary range of academics and heritage practitioners to present new findings and digital tools to highlight imminent challenges regarding the documentation, preservation and protection of this heritage, as well as its value for local communities.

Conference Convenors:

Professor Diwakar Acharya, University of Oxford

Professor Robin Coningham, University of Durham

Professor Hong Luo, Sichuan University

Dr Nina Mirnig, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Speakers and Chairs:

Professor Diwakar Acharya, University of Oxford

Kosh P Acharya, Dept of Archaeology, Nepal

Dr Shailendra Bhandare, University of Oxford

Professor Robin Coningham, University of Durham

Dr Christopher Davis, University of Durham

Professor Max Deeg, University of Cardiff

Damodar Gautam, Dept of Archaeology, Nepal

Professor David Gellner, University of Oxford

Professor Tim Lubin, Washington and Lee University

Professor Hong Luo, Sichuan University

Dr Nina Mirnig, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Sandhya Khanal Parajuli, Tribhuvan University

Ajay Mani Paudel, NLP Hub Nepal

Saubhagya Pradhananga, National Archives, Kathmandu

Professor Julia Smith, University of Oxford

Dr Gautama V Vajracharya, University of Wisconsin

Professor Bangwei Wang, Beijing University

Dr Kai Weise, University of Durham

Dr Verena Widorn, University of Vienna

Professor Michael Witzel, Harvard University

Professor Dominik Wujastyk, University of Alberta

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Image: Changu Narayan temple, Nepal. Photo by Nina Mirnig.

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