The best years of our lives? Body, brain and well-being

Tue 29 Apr 2014, 18:00 - 19:30

Assembly Hall, Mound Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2LU

What are the best years of our lives? What are the true consequences of an ageing brain and body? How do our genes, environments and lifestyles affect our older selves? Is it time to rethink what we perceive an older person is capable of? Should policy-makers, politicians and business leaders rethink issues such as retirement, flexible working and the way neighbourhoods are designed, to give us longer, fuller lives?

The event was part of the British Academy Debates on Ageing.


Professor Ian Deary FBA, University of Edinburgh
Professor Catharine Ward Thompson, University of Edinburgh
Professor James Goodwin, Head of Research, Age UK
Henry Simmons, Chief Executive, Alzheimer Scotland

Chaired by Sally Magnusson, BBC Scotland news presenter and journalist


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