Early Career Researcher Network: data-sharing principles of the Early Career Researcher Network

The British Academy, in partnership with the Wolfson Foundation has been piloting an Early Career Researcher Network ("network") for Early Career Researchers in the humanities and social sciences. Following the success of the pilot phase, the Network will now continue for the next three years to Autumn 2027.

The Academy aims for the network to be a researcher-led, inclusive humanities and social sciences network, accessible to all researchers regardless of their funding source or background. This will ultimately be a UK-wide network tailored to researchers at postdoctoral level in the humanities and social sciences disciplines.

The network will be responsive to the needs and interests of the researchers and enable the British Academy to support a greater number of researchers in their career ambitions, through skills development, networking opportunities, workshops and events.

Member institutions' privacy policies

Below are links to the list of institutions and Clusters. Each is classed as a data controller under data protection legislation:

Midlands and Mid-Wales

South West and South Wales

The British Academy is currently recruiting new delivery partners in the South West and South Wales. Further information on this opportunity will be shared in the near future. Meanwhile, the British Academy remains committed to assisting Early Career Researchers and partners in the region in planning and coordinating activities and events.

Links to the privacy policies of each of the institutions we have been working with so far are below:



The governing principles for data processing and sharing

The Academy, institutions and Clusters process and share data based on the following data protection principles:

Purpose – the purpose for processing and sharing personal data is to operationally manage membership of the network, keep network members informed of network developments, communicate for network-related events and news and to monitor the membership take-up at the Academy and locally at institutions.

Data minimisation – data collected is limited to only what is needed for the purpose defined above.

Accuracy – data is kept as accurate as possible and updated where it is found to be inaccurate.

Storage limitation – data will be retained for only as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing.

Security – the security of personal data is the primary principle when processing personal data and sharing it. Data will always be protected using passwords and encryption where possible and access limited to only those who are authorised to see it.

Concerns and queries

Where a network member has a concern or query about data privacy, they should contact the Data Protection Officer at the British Academy directly at: [email protected]

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