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Conference Support Grants: 2008-09

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2008-09.

Dr R Adlington  University of Nottingham
Red Strains: Music and Communism outside the Communist Bloc 1945-1900 
(Section: H11) £6000

Professor S Ali  University of Warwick
Re-imagining the Shari'a: Theory, Practice and Muslim Pluralism at Play 
(Section: S1) £18407

Dr P Antonello  St John's College, University of Cambridge
Apocalissi. Eschatological Imagination in Italian Culture, from Dante to the Present 
(Section: H8) £3353

Professor P Austin  School of Oriental and African Studies
Beliefs and Ideologies on Endangered Languages 
(Section: H4) £2500

Professor D Behrens-Abouseif  School of Oriental and African Studies
The Arts of the Mamluks in Egypt and Syria (1250-1517) 
(Section: H11) £13067

Dr A Bell  University of Reading
England's Wars 1272-1399 
(Section: H8) £7000

Dr L G Berger  University of Salford
Rethinking the Middle East? Values, Interests, and Security Concerns in Western Policies Towards Iraq and the Wider Region 1918-2010 
(Section: H10) £10000

Professor F Bethencourt  King's College London
Race Relations. The Portuguese Speaking World in Comparative Perspective 
(Section: H6) £6750

Dr P R Bullock  Wadham College, University of Oxford
Russia in Britain 1880-1940: Reception, Translation and the Modernist Cultural Agenda 
(Section: H6) £2075

Dr L Cale  Birkbeck, University of London
Romantic Disorder: Predisciplinary and the Divisions of Knowledge 1750-1850 
(Section: H5) £4600

Professor C Carey  University College London
Eros in Ancient Greece 
(Section: H1) £1800

Dr J C Chapman  University of Durham
Home, Settlement and Dwelling: Temporal Perspectives 
(Section: H7) £4520

Professor D Cherry  University of the Arts London
The Afterlives of Monuments 
(Section: H11) £11720

Dr L Donkin  University College, University of Oxford
Imagining Jerusalem in the Medieval West 
(Section: H8) £2585

Dr P Drinot  University of Manchester
Global Wounds 
(Section: H10) £4283

Professor R Evans FBA University of Oxford
The Changing Landscape of East-Central Europe in Transnational Context c. 1700-1989 
(Section: H10) £3620

Professor S R Giles  University of Nottingham
Aesthetics and Modernity from Schiller to Marcuse 
(Section: H6) £8000

Professor C J Gill  University of Exeter
Teleology in the Ancient World: The Dispensation of Nature 
(Section: H12) £2144

Dr S Graham  University of Reading
UK Project on Language Learner Strategies - Findings and Applications for Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages 
(Section: H4) £2720

Professor A Heath FBA Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Affirmative Action in the Labour Market: International Perspectives 
(Section: S4) £11000

Dr S L Heckler  University of Durham
Indigenous Studies and Engaged Anthropology: Opening a Dialogue 
(Section: S3) £12904

Dr S Hoffmann  Lancaster University
(Section: H4) £6776

Professor E Hopkins  University of Edinburgh
Relativity, Inequality and Public Policy 
(Section: S2) £5000

Professor D Howard  University of Cambridge
Sound, Space and Object: The Aural, the Visual and the Tactile in Early Modern French and Italian Music Rooms 
(Section: H11) £5320

Dr M Johnson  University of Hull
Diasporic Encounters, Sacred Journeys: Gendered Migrants, Sociality and the Religious Imagination 
(Section: S3) £7620

Mr M Jones  King's College London
XXI Anglo-German Colloquium: Seeing and Visibility in the Literature of the German Middle Ages 
(Section: H8) £4132

Dr S Larbi  University of Exeter
Rethinking the Paradigm: Negev Bedouin Research 2000+ 
(Section: S3) £10288

Professor G Laurie  University of Edinburgh
Learning Lessons and Making Differences: Improving the Future of Health Law in Europe 
(Section: S1) £14693

Dr L Lazarus  St Anne's College, University of Oxford
US Constitutionalism in Decline? An International Perspective 
(Section: S1) £5600

Dr G W Leeson  University of Oxford
Ageing in Latin America - Developing the Research Agenda 
(Section: S4) £19515

Dr B J Marsh  University of Stirling
Rethinking Africa and the Atlantic World 
(Section: H9) £8611

Dr K F McDermott  Sheffield Hallam University
The 1989 Revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe: Twenty Years On 
(Section: S5) £3150

Dr E O'Ciardha  University of Ulster
The Plantation of Ulster 1609-2009: A Laboratory for Empire 
(Section: H9) £10920

Professor A Offer FBA All Souls College, University of Oxford
Obesity: The Welfare Regime Hypothesis 
(Section: S4) £9000

Dr F Orsini  School of Oriental and African Studies
Tellings, Not Texts: Singing, Story-Telling and Performance 
(Section: H3) £4695

Professor T Papatheodorou  Anglia Ruskin University
Early Childhood Curriculum, Policy and Pedagogy in the 21st Century: An International Debate 
(Section: S4) £12223

Dr M Philip  Oriel College, University of Oxford
The Godwin Diary: Reconstructing London's Culture 1788-1836 
(Section: H10) £7355

Professor C Ramsey  University of Oxford
Egyptian Chronology: Synchronising Historical Chronologies with Scientific Dates 
(Section: H7) £7848

Dr S Rees Jones  University of York
The York Massacre of 1190 in Context: Reassessing Relations between Jews and Others in Medieval England 
(Section: H8) £5145

Dr A Robinson-Pant  University of East Anglia
Literacy Inequalities 
(Section: S4) £10000
Professor N Rose  London School of Economics and Political Science
The Politics of the Life Sciences in an 'Age of Biological Control' 
(Section: S4) £10000

Dr D Schiek  University of Leeds
Multidimensional Equality Law 2nd European conference 
(Section: S1) £5901

Dr E S Shaffer FBA School of Advanced Study , University of London
Cultural Institutions and Literary Reception in Europe 
(Section: H6) £3450

Professor A Shlaim FBA St Antony's College, University of Oxford
June 1967: The Crisis and its Consequences 
(Section: S5) £12752

Dr K Spence  University of Cambridge
Africa's Fragile Heritage and Future Challenges 
(Section: H7) £5630

Dr T Stack  University of Aberdeen
The Category of Religion: Boundaries and their Consequences 
(Section: H2) £13000

Dr J Stallabrass  Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
Modernity's Cultural Politics: China in Context 
(Section: H11) £5000

Professor J Swann  Birkbeck, University of London
The Crisis of the Absolute Monarchy 
(Section: H9) £4613

Professor R G Swinburne FBA University of Oxford
Freedom of the Will 
(Section: H12) £4000

Dr N Tausch  Cardiff University
Collective Action & Social Change: Toward Integration & Innovation 
(Section: S6) £11013

Dr P Taylor  Warburg Institute, University of London
E H Gombrich, A Centenary Colloquium 
(Section: H11) £3603

Dr V Vergiani  University of Cambridge
Bilingual Discourse and Cross-Cultural Fertilisation: Sanskrit and Tamil in Mediaeval India 
(Section: H3) £8552

Professor M S Warner CBE, FBA University of Essex
Staging the East in the British Theatre: The Long Eighteenth Century and Now 
(Section: H5) £8281

Professor T Wilkinson FBA University of Durham
Water and Power - Water Management and Conflicts in the Ancient World 
(Section: H7) £3575

Mr A Wilmott  Independent Researcher
Roman Archaeology Conference 2009 
(Section: H7) £9600

Dr T Wilson  Queen's University Belfast
No Place Apart? Celebrating Frank Wright and Comparative Approaches to the Study of Ethnic Conflict
(Section: H10) £1768

Dr B Wu  University of Nottingham
Response to Global Economic Recession: Adjustment of China's Development Strategy and Impact 
(Section: S2) £15250

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