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Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, XVII

14 extended obituaries of deceased Fellows of the British Academy, posted during 2018.


Glen Dudbridge, 1938–2017
by Wilt L Idema
pages 1-18, posted 18 June 2018

Mary Brenda Hesse, 1924–2016
by Nicholas Jardine
pages 19-28, posted 27 September 2018

Annette Dionne Karmiloff-Smith, 1938–2016
by Jeffrey Elman, Lorraine K Tyler & Mark H Johnson
pages 29-34, posted 18 June 2018

Peter Mathias, 1928-2016
by Maxine Berg
pages 35-50, posted 27 September 2018

Brian Benjamin Shefton, 1919–2012
by John Boardman & Andrew Parkin
pages 51-61, posted 18 June 2018

Charles Peter Brand, 1923-2016
by Martin McLaughlin
pages 63-70, posted 27 September 2018

Malcolm Beckwith Parkes, 1930-2013
by Vincent Gillespie
pages 71-87, posted 27 September 2018

Martin Litchfield West, 1937-2015
by Robert Fowler
pages 89-120, posted 27 September 2018

John Horsley Russell Davis, 1938–2017
by Paul Dresch & Roy Ellen
pages 121-143, posted 7 September 2018

Doreen Barbara Massey, 1944-2016
by Roger Lee
pages 145-178, posted 27 September 2018

Anthony Barnes Atkinson, 1944-2017
by Andrea Brandolini, Stephen P. Jenkins & John Micklewright
pages 179-190, posted 9 November 2018

Michael Anthony Eardley Dummett, 1925-2011
by Daniel Isaacson and Ian Rumfitt
pages 191-228, posted 21 November 2018

Alan Douglas Edward Cameron, 1938-2017
by Roger S. Bagnall
pages 229-246, posted 9 November 2018

Stewart Ross Sutherland, 1941–2018
by Keith Ward
pages 247-262, posted 23 November 2018


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