Terry Frost

Terry Frost, Black Sun, Newlyn (1982)

Acrylic and Oil on canvas

Terry Frost, Black Sun, Newlyn (1982)

The Academy holds a significant collection of artworks from the St Ives artists, these include works by Terry Frost, Barbara Hepworth, Roger Hilton and Wilhemina Barnes Graham. There is a long-term plan to curate a themed exhibition that would showcase these pieces along with loans from other major collections galleries in the new basement space to create an exhibition about these artists and how St Ives inspired such a unique collection of twentieth century art.

This week’s art in focus is the first in a proposed series to showcase artworks from the St Ives artist community. Largely as part of the Ray Pahl bequest the Academy are fortunate to hold a range of pieces from this inspirational artist community.

Terry Frost started painting in 1943 when a prisoner of war in Germany and attended the Camberwell School of Art 1947-50. His early style was naturalistic, but he turned to abstraction in the 1950s and was leading member of the St Ives group of abstractionists which flourished in the 1950s and 60s. As the title of this painting confirms, his abstract compositions are often inspired by direct visual experiences. Black Sun, Newlyn, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 1982 captures the unique light that defines so much of the art produced in St Ives during this time.

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