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Reacting to Fiscal Squeeze: Some Artistic Responses. British Academy panel discussion.

How are ordinary lives shaped by times of fiscal squeeze? How are such times reflected in film, cartoon, art and society? 

The impact and experience of fiscal squeeze on the lives of ordinary people in terms of financial hardship is well documented, and as a coda to the two-day conference 'When the Party's Over: The Politics of Fiscal Squeeze in Perspective', this early evening event will examine how we are all shaped by times of economic crisis and how such times are reflected in society and culture. 

Four experts explore these issues from the perspectives of social history, film, cartoons and other types of visual art. Panellists are Dr Pamela Cox, Social Historian, University of Essex; Dr Frank Gray, Film Historian, University of Brighton; Dr Nicholas Hiley, Head of the British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent; Jonathan Jones, Art Critic, the Guardian and Chair is Professor Jean Seaton.

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