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Prospering Wisely launch event. How can research address the big issues of our time?

Event to launch Prospering Wisely, held on 12 February 2014 (venue: Royal Society).

We all yearn to live in a modern, thriving society that improves people’s well-being and supports essential freedoms, but how does humanities and social sciences research help us achieve this? And how does it help us address some of the biggest challenges we face in an increasingly uncertain world?

To coincide with the launch of Prospering Wisely – a new publication showing the powerful contribution the humanities and social sciences make in shaping our standard of living and quality of life – the British Academy was delighted to welcome three of the main contributors to this special event.

Watch Melvyn Bragg as he discusses with Professor Mary Beard, Lord Peter Hennessy and British Academy President Lord Stern what we mean by prosperity, in its broadest sense, and how the humanities and social sciences contribute to it.

Prospering Wisely website