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Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources

Dr Richard Ashdowne, Editor, Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources, talks about the completion of the most comprehensive study ever produced of the vocabulary of Latin in the medieval period in Britain.

Begun in 1913, the finished dictionary is the culmination of a century-long enterprise which has had over 200 researchers working on it over the decades.

The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources is based entirely on rigorous original research which has systematically surveyed the massive array of British Latin material that survives from the medieval period, including poetry, sermons, chronicles, scientific texts, legal documents, state records, accounts and letters. Researchers have scoured British medieval Latin texts written between the years AD 540 and 1600 by thousands of authors who were born or worked in Britain, including such well-known examples as the Domesday Book, Magna Carta and Bayeux tapestry.

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