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Can Leaders Make a Difference to Organisational Performace, Prof Andrew Pettigrew

Sir John Cass’s Foundation Lecture, delivered by Professor Andrew Pettigrew FBA, on 18 April 2013 (venue: The British Academy).

In this talk Andrew Pettigrew introduces the field of Business and Management research by exploring one of its central questions. He will consider what is known and not known about the links between leadership, change and organisational performance. He also argues the biggest leadership challenges for the future lie not just in the familiar territory of institutional change, but the much more difficult area of changing large, complex systems.

About the Speaker
Professor Andrew Pettigrew FBA is Professor of Strategy and Organisation at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Senior Golding Fellow at Brasenose College, Oxford. He is a leading expert on strategy and change in the public and private sectors. His research has pioneered the use of contextual and temporal analyses of organisational processes of strategy making, change, decision making and power. He has been awarded many distinctions as a scholar in North America and Europe and has served as a consultant to many public and private sector organisations throughout the world.

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