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Broadening the Debate: Humanities, Social Sciences & Natural Sciences (Part 2)

"Alongside the complementary and similarly essential disciplines of science, engineering and medicine, the humanities and social sciences are vital drivers of human progress. They provide the rigorous scrutiny and insights, the ideas and the long-term thinking that can and should have a profound influence on social and cultural well-being, on a modern economy driven by knowledge and innovation, and, ultimately, on our place and reputation in the world" - Lord Stern of Brentford, President of the British Academy, Prospering Wisely, February 2014

"Sciences are the 'how'. Humanities are the 'why'. I don't think you can have the 'how' without the 'why'," said George Lucas, Producer, Screen-writer and Director in the film Heart of the Matter made for the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

This high-level international conference at the British Academy, organised in partnership with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, brings together distinguished leaders across the humanities, sciences and social sciences, from the USA and the UK to promote the essential nature of these areas of endeavour together.

During the conference, speakers and participants examine how a co-ordinated approach across these disciplines might serve to prepare tomorrow's leaders, as well as drive prosperity through economic, cultural, social and scientific endeavour.

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