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Britain and the beginning of Scotland - a British Academy lecture by Professor Dauvit Broun

Sir John Rhys Memorial Lecture, delivered by Professor Dauvit Broun, on 5 December 2013 (venue: The British Academy).

The often-repeated account of Scotland's beginnings in a 'union of Picts and Scots under Cinaed (Kenneth) mac Ailpín' has been numerously called into doubt over the years. In this lecture Professor Dauvit Broun explores recent rethinking on Scottish origins by discussing the role of Britain as an 'idea', connections with England, the emergence of Scotland as a country in the 13th century, and the beginnings of the Scottish kingdom itself. Professor Broun also examines if this has implications for how Scotland is viewed in relation to Britain today.

About the speaker:
Dauvit Broun is Professor at the University of Glasgow. He has been lecturing on Scottish History since 1990 and has held the chair in Scottish History there since 2009.

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