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Professor Neil Wrigley

Economic geography with distinctive focus on retail & consumption: specifically retail globalisation & its host-economy impacts; & policy & practice engaged research on retail access.
Professor of Geography, University of Southampton
Principal publications
  • Deprivation, Diet, and Food-Retail Access: Findings from the Leeds ‘Food Deserts' Study Environment and Planning A (with D.L. Warm and B.M. Margetts), 2003, 35
  • Food deserts in British Cities: policy context and research priorities Urban Studies 2002, 39
  • Host economy impacts of transnational retail: the research agenda Journal of Economic Geography (with N.M. Coe), 2007, 7
  • Categorical Data Analysis for Geographers and Environmental Scientists 1985 (London: Longman; New York: John Wiley)
  • Retailing, Consumption and Capital: Towards the New Retail Geography 1996 (Longman, London). Edited jointly with Michelle Lowe. Reprinted 1998
  • Reading Retail: A Geographical Perspective on Retailing and Consumption Spaces 2002 (Arnold, London; Oxford University Press, New York). Jointly authored with Michelle Lowe, reprinted 2005

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