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UK-Latin American/Caribbean Link Scheme: Past Awards

The UK-Latin American/Caribbean Link Scheme ran from 2006 to 2011. It has been discontinued and replaced by the International Partnership and Mobility Scheme. The Academy made 25 awards under the Link Scheme between 2006 and 2011.

The UK-Latin American/Caribbean Link Scheme provided awards of up to £20,000 each over two years to support a programme of seminars involving UK and Latin American and Caribbean scholars on a topic of mutual interest within the humanities and social sciences. The Academy encouraged applications that brought together scholars from a number of distinct institutions within the UK and across Latin America and the Caribbean. The seminar programme had to encompass at least two seminars, one in the UK and one in Latin America or the Caribbean, with up to £10,000 available per seminar.

The scheme was intended to encourage interaction between scholars from the UK and Latin America and/ or the Caribbean, bringing together key scholars working on a particular topic in order to foster new links and strengthen existing academic links between the regions. The grant provided a contribution towards the total costs of the seminars (event costs, travel and accommodation expenses for participants on both sides). The seminars were expected to be of relatively small scale: it was envisaged that the grant should cover the costs of about 5 international participants (and perhaps 10 local participants) for each event. The seminars were to last approximately two to three days, with 2 or 3 international participants taking part in a one to two week programme around the seminars, intended to provide further teaching or training through additional lectures, seminars or workshops.


Dr G Baron 
Aberystwyth University
Contemporary Cuban Cinema: New Spaces, New Histories
Dr AA Álvarez Pitaluga (University of Havana; Cuba)

Professor V Bell 
Goldsmiths, University of London
Between Justice and Memory: Critical Explorations in the Philosophies, Methodologies and the Practice of Memory: The Case of Argentina's Post-Dictatorship Experience
Dr E. C. Crenzel (University of Buenos Aires; Argentina)

Dr V Halbach 
University of Oxford
Truth, Open-endedness and Inexpressibility
Dr E Barrio (University of Buenos Aires - Conicet; Argentina)£10731

Dr N J Hughes 
University of Birmingham
Family and Social Policy: Towards Family-Minded Policy and Whole Family Practice
Professor N B Nucci (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba; Argentina)

Dr PJ North 
University of Liverpool
The Solidarity Economy North and South: Energy, Livelihood and the Transition to a Low-Carbon Society
Professor M Lopez de Souza (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Brazil)


Professor E Howard
University of Newcastle
- Paradigms of diversity and social cohesion: education planning, curriculum design, and language vitality among Latin American indigenous peoples (2000-2010)
Dr M Haboud (Pontificia Universidad Catolica; Ecuador)

Dr D Matthews
University of Sheffield
- Communicative development in the pre-school years: A cross-linguistic, cross-cultural comparison
Dr A Carmiol (Universidad de Costa Rica; Costa Rica)

Professor B Smith
School of Advanced Study, University of London
- Sensory exploration and evaluation: New themes in perception and action
Dr A Cussins (Universidad Nacional; Colombia)

Professor J Urry
University of Lancaster
- Emerging middle classes and low carbon mobilities: Setting long-term foundations for transnational research
Dr B Freire-Medeiros (Getulio Vargas Foundation; Brazil)


Dr E Gutierrez Rodriguez
University of Manchester
- Feminization of labor: Domestic work and affect in a transnational context
Dr J Brites (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora MG; Brazil)

Dr T Harmer
London School of Economics and Political Science
- Brazil and the Cold War in Latin America
Dr M Spektor (Fundacao Getulio Vargas; Brazil)

Dr S Michalowski
University of Essex
- Linking Transitional Justice and Corporate Complicity
Professor L Filippini ( University of Palermo; Argentina)

Professor S Seth
Goldsmiths, University of London
- The Politics of Knowledge: Latin American studies and postcolonial theory
Professor G Lins Ribeiro (University of Brasilia; Brazil)


Dr A Astvaldsson
University of Liverpool
- Representations of war and peace in post-Civil War Central American narratives
- Theme, structure and aesthetics in post-Civil War Central American narratives
Dr R Roque-Baldovinos (Universidad Centroamericana Jose Simeon Canas; El Salvador)
Seminar 1: £10674 Seminar 2: £9093

Dr S Gibbon
University College London
- Anthropological approaches to understanding genetic admixture and identity: Disease risk and contemporary cultural politics of health
- Anthropological approaches to understanding genetic admixture and identity: Migration, history and nationhood
Dr R Santos (Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro; Brazil)
Seminar 1: £10047 Seminar 2: £9730 

Dr P Heggarty
University of Cambridge
- Archaeology and Linguistics in the Andes: a cross-disciplinary symposium
- Towards a 'new synthesis' in Andean prehistory: archaeology, linguistics and genetics
Professor R Cerron-Palomino ( Catholic University of Peru; Peru)
Seminar 1: £8801 Seminar 2: £10933

Dr D Howard
University of Edinburgh
- Sense of Place I: Politics, landscapes and mirgation
- Sense of Place II: Language, ethnicity and narrative
Professor B Vegh (Universidad de la Republica; Uruguay)
Seminar 1: £10605 Seminar 2: £9249 


Dr A Canessa
University of Essex
- New identities for the 21st century? Gender and indigeneity in contemporary Mexico and the Andes
- Global discourses and local identities: Gender, law and ethnicity in Mexico and the Andean region
Dr A Hernandez Castillo (CIESAS, Mexico) 
Seminar 1: £11477 Seminar 2: £8523 

Dr P Clegg 
West of England University 
- Governance in the non-independent Caribbean: Challenges and opportunities 
- Governance in the non-independent Caribbean: Challenges and opportunities 
Dr E Pantojas-Garcia (University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico) 
Seminar 1: £11886 Seminar 2: £7990

Ms M P Oliart Sotomayor 
University of Newcastle upon Tyne 
- The politics of knowledge production and collaborative research in Andean countries 
- The politics of knowledge production and collaborative research in Andean countries 
Dr X Ricard Lanata ( Centro Bartolome de las Casas, Peru)
Seminar 1: £13578 Seminar 2: £7030

Dr M Priestley 
University of Leeds 
- Disability: New paradigms, theories and concepts (Discapacidad: Nuevos paradigmas, teorias y conceptos) 
- Disability: New paradigms, from theory to practice (Discapacidad: Nuevos paradigmas, de teoria a practica) 
Dr R Mideros (Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, Ecuador)
Seminar 1: £9370 Seminar 2: £9105


Dr T Bergfelder
University of Southampton
- Stardom in Brazilian cinema
- Intertextuality and media interdependence in Brazil 
Professor J L Vieira (Universidade Federal Fulminense; Brazil)
Seminar 1: £11170 Seminar 2: £8713

Professor M Molyneux
Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London
- Social policy and economic models: Latin America in comparative perspective 
- Social policy and inequality: searching for ways to secure welfare in Latin America and beyond 
Dr J Martinez Franzoni ( Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica)
Seminar 1: £9775 Seminar 2: £9465

Dr K Quinn
Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London
- Internationalising Black Power
- Internationalising Black Power
Professor B Meeks ( University of the West Indies, Jamaica)
Seminar 1: £10000 Seminar 2: £9931

Professor P Wade 
University of Manchester
- Race, sexuality, citizenship and governance
- Race, sexuality and multiculturalism
Professor F Urrea Giraldo (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)
Seminar 1: £13400 Seminar 2: £5965