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UK Future Earth

‘Future Earth’ and the British Academy

November 2015

The UK’s national academies – the British Academy, the Royal Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Academy of Engineering – have collaborated to convene the UK national committee for Future Earth. UK Future Earth will bring together representatives from academia, government, research councils, business and societal partners to provide a UK platform for engaging with Future Earth’s global environmental change agenda.

Future Earth is a 10-year major international research platform for providing the knowledge and support to accelerate durable transformations to a sustainable world. Future Earth aims to develop a new type of science that links disciplines, knowledge systems and societal partners to support a more agile and innovative global response through the co-design and co-production of knowledge. The UK national academies, by coming together in this exciting collaboration, hope to support the delivery of this aim.

June 2013

The Royal Society and the British Academy hosted a UK Town Hall Meeting on Friday 21 June 2013 for researchers and stakeholders to discover more about the new Future Earth initiative established by the Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability.

Download summary report of the meeting

Watch video about the meeting

British Academy Review article by Tim O’Riordan and Corinne Le Quéré

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