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Trust, Trustworthiness And Transparency

Baroness Onora O'Neill and James Bardrick, Head of Citi UK, discuss trustworthiness in business at the British Academy.

This business breakfast was one of a series held as part of the British Academy’s programme on the Future of the Corporation, a major research and engagement programme designed to inform the development of a new model for purposeful companies in the 21st century. Trust is one of the most important considerations of any business. Customers will return again and again to brands they recognise and trust. But how can companies build trust? This session, held at the British Academy and introduced by Onora O’Neill, former President of the British Academy and James Bardrick, Head of Citi UK, explored a number of issues relating to trust in business. As Onora O’Neill describes, trust is built on trustworthiness, and as James Bardrick explores, ensuring an institution is, and is seen to be, trustworthy, requires a culture in which responsible business practices are embraced and re-enforced by a robust framework. Trust in business, it is clear, must be earned, and never taken for granted.

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