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Towards an Inclusive Economy - Why Company Purpose Holds the Key

Towards an Inclusive Economy - Why Company Purpose Holds the Key

Luke Fletcher of Bates Wells Braithwaite and James Perry of COOK convene at the British Academy to discuss purpose in business beyond shareholder value.

This business breakfast was the first in a series held as part of the British Academy’s new programme on the Future of the Corporation, a major research and engagement programme designed to inform the development of a new model for purposeful companies in the 21st Century. Central to this discussion is that of the legal framework guiding and enabling companies in developing ‘better’, or more responsible and broad purposes. This session, held at the British Academy and introduced by James Perry, co-founder and Director of COOK food, and Luke Fletcher, a partner at the law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite, explored the effectiveness of the primary legislation, specifically the role of Section 172, which was designed to allow businesses to redefine their purposes to extend beyond purely maximising shareholder value.

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