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Tackling the UK's International Challenges 2016 Awards List

Conflict, Stability and Security

Dr Colin King University of Sussex
Corruption, Dirty Capital and the London Property Market
One-year; £33,295

Dr Rudra Chaudhuri King's College London
Mapping Borders: Ceasefire violations across the India-Pakistan Line of Control
One-year; £48,000

Professor Oliver Richmond University of Manchester
Understanding Legitimate Authority: the local and everyday peacebuilding in an era of enhanced mobility
One-year; £50,000

Dr Helen Adams King's College London
Precarious Places: Social cohesion, resilience and place attachment of refugees in Lebanon
One-year; £48,809.25


Urban Futures

Dr Glyn Williams University of Sheffield
Megaprojects and the reshaping of urban futures: governance and equity in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor
One-year; £45,119

Professor Fulong Wu University College London
Chinese informal settlements: rethinking urban futures in the Global South
One year; £47,867.21

Professor James Mark Halstead Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
Muslim Futures: a study of Bradford
One-year; £46,650

Dr David Hickman University of York
Tales from Two Cities: Ten Years in the Megaslums of Karachi and Mexico City
One-year; £22,931

Dr Tatjana Schneider University of Sheffield
Tackling the UK.s Housing Crisis - Innovative Affordable Housing
One-year; £45,347


Justice, Rights and Equality

Professor Lorraine Hope University of Portsmouth
Supporting the investigation of genocide, war crime and crimes against humanity: Towards evidence-driven policy for building trust and rapport in cross-cultural interviewing contexts.
One-year; £43,655

Dr Sandra Brunnegger St. Edmund's College, Cambridge
Securing the Peace? Toward An Anthropology of (Everyday) Justice
One-year; £48,602

Professor Rosa Freedman University of Reading
Safeguarding Children in Peacekeeping Operations
One-year; £36,613

Professor Marilyn Freeman University of Westminster
Outcomes for objecting children under the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
One-year; £47,996.75


Europe's Futures

Dr Tatiana Thieme University College London
Temporary migrants or new European citizens? Geographies of integration and response between 'camps' and the city
One-year; £45,826

Dr James Hawkey University of Bristol
European Migration, Language Policy and Small States
One-year; £31,520

Dr Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon University of Kent
Does Brexit trigger racism? An Experiment among British and Europeans residents in the UK
One-year; £15,647.48


Knowledge Frontiers

Dr Maksim Belitski University of Reading
Knowledge frontiers and boundaries for the New UK
One-year; £31,606

Dr China Mills University of Sheffield
Changing behavior through technology: therapeutic culture and the digital revolution
One-year; £48,799


For further details about the research projects funded, please see here.

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