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How does your appearance reflect your lifestyle habits?

Professor David Perrett FBA, University of St Andrews

How does your appearance reflect your lifestyle habits?

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Drop into the British Academy on June 22-23 for our first Summer Showcase

Wander through our beautiful building to view 15 exhibits consisting of text panels, interactive elements and audio-visual displays created by the academics we fund. Meet our researchers, find out more about their projects and take part in hands-on activities.

David Perrett’s exhibit explores diet, exercise and lifestyle habits

Perceptions of Health

High profile campaigns urge us to stop smoking, drink less and eat our ‘5-a-day’. Yet health information alone does not seem to encourage us to adopt a healthier lifestyle. David Perrett and colleagues at St Andrews explore a new idea to improve our health – by appealing to our vanity. Their exhibit includes surprising facts and interactive displays to show how diet, exercise and lifestyle habits can improve our appearance, and even affect how others see us.

David Perrett FBA is Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at the University of St Andrews
Research Award: British Academy/Wolfson Research Professorship 2009-12

Showcase opening times: Friday 22-Saturday 23 June,11am - 5pm

Late-night view: Friday 22nd June, 6.30-9pm  

Floor Plan:

You'll find this exhibit at Point 7 in the Wolfson Room on the First Floor. Download our programme to plan your visit.

Exhibit 7

The Wolfson Foundation

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