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Why would you deliberately design a disabled artificial limb?

Professor Stuart Murray, University of Leeds

Why would you deliberately design a disabled artificial limb?

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Drop into the British Academy on June 22-23 for our first Summer Showcase

Wander through our beautiful building to view 15 exhibits consisting of text panels, interactive elements and audio-visual displays created by the academics we fund. Meet our researchers, find out more about their projects and take part in hands-on activities.

Stuart Murray’s exhibit explores views of disability, prostheses and the body

Engineering the Imagination: Disability, Prostheses and the Body

Hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body, yet prosthetic models tend to be thought of in purely functional terms. To challenge this way of thinking, Stuart Murray and team have deliberately constructed artificial hands. They invite you to interact with the hands and explore the relationship between disability design and the use of prosthetics. Will thinking about hands as tools to express emotion help to improve assistive technologies for those with disabilities?

Stuart Murray is Professor of Contemporary Literatures and Film, and Director of the Centre for Medical Humanities at the University of Leeds.

Research Award: APEX Award 2017

Showcase opening times: Friday 22-Saturday 23 June,11am - 5pm

Late-night view: Friday 22nd June, 6.30-9pm  

Floor Plan:

You'll find this exhibit at Point 8 in the Wolfson Room on the First Floor. Download our programme to plan your visit.

Exhibit 8

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