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Robin Welch (b.1936)

Tall Vase, thrown and glazed stoneware, c.1995, Ht 40.5cm

Tall Vase, thrown and glazed stoneware, c.1995, Ht 40.5cm

Robin Welch studied at Penzance School and the Central School of Art in London. He worked at the Leach pottery in St Ives 1953-9, set up a studio in London and then in 1965 established Stradbroke Pottery in Suffolk. Like others, his initial work was heavily influenced by the Leach studio pottery tradition, but his training at Central School brought him into contact with tutors such as William Turnbull the painter and sculptor and Gordon Baldwin the potter, both of whom widened his horizons. He has combined design work for batch-production potteries such as Denby and Midwinter while producing his own pottery, paintings and drawings. He has taught in the USA and Australia and elsewhere and some of his later glazes (as in this piece) reflect his engagement with Australian colour. He is well represented in public collections and made a series of remarkable free-standing candle holders for Lincoln Cathedral. 

Gift from Nicholas and Judith Goodison’s Charitable Settlement, May 2016     

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