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Research projects

Research projects

A collection of research projects that have been funded by the British Academy relating to the key themes of Cohesive Societies.

How can societies remain cohesive in the face of rapid political, social, economic and technological change?

Through this cross-cutting programme, the Academy will draw on its expertise and knowledge to enlighten these issues through debate, publication and research. This page lists all research projects relevant to the Cohesive Societies programme, which have been supported by British Academy grants. The list includes both complete and ongoing projects. 

About the project

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The research projects are organised under the five major themes identified under the Cohesive Societies programmes, though many projects correspond to more than one theme, demonstrating the multidisciplinary nature of Academy-funded research, as well as the complex interconnections between the five areas.

  1. Cultural memory and tradition: The descriptions of past events, whether ‘mythical’ or objectively ‘historical’, may become ‘traditions’ and play a key role in determining a society’s perception of its own history and identity and its relationship with other groups.
  2. Social economy: The concept of the social economy invites discussion and analysis of the ways in which people and places, not elites and detached technologies, can be more firmly at its heart.
  3. Meaning and mechanisms of social responsibility: What are the conditions of active and distributed responsibility? What are the resonances and amplifications of law, parliament and bureaucracy that might work for the general interest?
  4. Identity and belonging: Consensus or dissensus about the status of different identities frame claims about individual and group-based justice, equality and human rights. How can shared and differentiated identities be embedded in a cohesive society?
  5. Care for the future: What is the nature of the platform for a future in which history, beliefs, religion, and cultures matter, providing a clear basis from which to develop a long-term vision?

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