New Light on Tony Harrison

by Edith Hall

04 Jan 2019
Number of pages

This book provides an overview of research methods that academics and researchers can use to investigate forced labour, human trafficking, and slavery in the global economy.  As interest in the issue of forced labour intensifies, a growing number of academic and non-academic organizations seek to research and collect data on forced labour. Yet, such research is notoriously difficult and complex, given that forced labour is illegal, and researching it is rife with ethical, practical, methodological, and analytical challenges.  In this book, scholars who have conducted successful studies of forced labour reflect on the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.  The methodological reflections contained within this Volume offer a resource for academics and practitioners seeking to understand forced labour, the factors that shape vulnerability to this phenomenon, and the variegated mechanisms through which businesses systemically profit from labour exploitation.

Available from Oxford University Press (link to OUP catalogue page)

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