Submission checklist

Submission checklist for volumes submitted to the Proceedings of the British Academy series.

Please ensure all the following components are included with your submission:

  • A Word document of the text, preferably as individual files for each chapter
  • A PDF of chapters where special characters are used
  • Illustrations and tables
    • Ensure these are prepared to the specifications outlined in the style guide
    • Provide illustrations and tables as individual files, not embedded within the text. Place markers in red in the text to indicate where illustrations/tables should be placed
    • Include a Word document listing the illustrations and tables, including the figure/table number, file name, caption and credit
    • Include any documentation relating to permissions for all illustrations for which the author does not hold sole copyright
  • Keywords and abstracts
    • Use the Word document template provided
    • Abstracts and keywords are needed for the book as a whole, plus all chapters, including the introduction, conclusion, and afterword (if included). Further guidance can be found in the Notes for Editors.
  • A biographical note of approximately 100 words for each contributor, provided in alphabetical order by surname
  • Details for any chapters which require open access
  • Completed author marketing form – the Publishing department will send you a marketing form on acceptance of your volume to production. If possible, please send this ahead of your manuscript submission.

If you have any queries about what is required with your manuscript submission, please check with the Publishing department.

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